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Cruel Animal Testing Exposed
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Cruel Animal Testing Exposed

It’s not just your cosmetics that can be tested on animals - even your food can make use of torturous practices on innocent beings without you even realizing it.

Big Brands and Big Scandal 

Recently some horrific practices concerning animal testing have been exposed, with food giants such as Yakult, Danone, Unilever and Nestle all being found guilty of various forms of them. The practices include researchers testing on dogs by substituting a quarter of their daily calorie requirements with glucose. Other practices include force-feeding animals, starving them and irradiation. Sometimes the animals are infected with bacteria, such as E.coli, to gauge the effects. Even pregnant animals, such as mice, are sometimes experimented on to test effects on themselves and their babies. At the end of the experiments, the injured and tortured animals face death.

Vegan or Health Foods Are Also At Risk

You might think that by switching to health/wellness or vegan foods, you’re giving animal testing a miss. But sadly, this isn’t always the case (which is why sites such as PETA are great for staying up to date on animal-friendly companies that you should be supporting - and the ones that you should avoid). An example of a health food tested on animals is goji berries. Nestle tested a powder derived from this fruit on mice. After the animals were given the powder, the scientists injected the mice with acid (to apparently give them bowel disease symptoms) and then had them killed. Even if these brands are only testing on certain products, as well as trying to gauge human health from their experiments, should it be in exchange for the torturing and killing of innocent animals? The answer is always a big, fat, definite NO. Stay clear of companies that test on animals!  



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