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Criticism Vegan Parents Have To Deal With
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Criticism Vegan Parents Have To Deal With

Vegan parenting still has a long way to go when it comes to being seen as a positive, responsible choice. Unfortunately, there's still the belief out there that vegan parenting is putting the life of children at risk of illness. This doesn't have to be the case, but sadly there's that, and other, criticism vegan parents find themselves having to deal with. Here are the main ones.

  • You're not giving your children enough nutrients

It's bad enough when people air the misconception that you are not getting enough protein as a vegan adult, but for a child it's a whole new level of judgement. The thing is that just because you're cutting out dairy, eggs and meat from your children's diet it doesn't mean that you haven't researched all the great vegan foods that you can add to their meals and that contain those vitamins. For instance, beans for protein and spinach for calcium. And as for vitamin B12 that's only found in animal-derived foods, there are cereal-enriched products!

  • You're forcing your kids to live the way you want them to

There's also the idea that you want to control your kids by somehow denying them of a non-vegan lifestyle, but the truth is you want your kids to be healthy and to respect the environment as well as its beautiful creatures. Aren't those good, healthy habits to instill from a young age?

  • You're denying children the pleasure of food

Vegan myth: vegan diets are very strict! When people talk about vegan diets, they sometimes tend to focus on what vegan diets cut out, such as milk and meat, and totally neglect to think of what they put in! There's a whole lot of other great and tasty things that vegan diets can contain. From tofu to nut milks to vegan desserts, there's actually a lot of pleasure kids can find from vegan foods so there's no reason why vegan kids can't be happy.

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  1. Support
    Thanks for the post, Giulia! This is great food for thought.
  2. beachgurl
    Thanks for the post! It makes me crazy when people ignorantly start criticizing a parent for feeding their child a vegan diet. Seriously! The Standard American Diet is as SAD as its acronym. Childhood obesity is on the rise and many many children don't get enough vegetables, or protein, despite not being vegetarian.


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