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Creative Composting: How to Recycle in Your Yard
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Creative Composting: How to Recycle in Your Yard

If your backyard has an accumulation of old, useless, and unwanted items, there are many things you can do to reuse and recycle the old stuff, giving it new life. In today’s world, the idea of going green is increasingly popular amongst households. Items that were once regarded as trash can be reused in very interesting and creative ways. Decking, fencing, gardening supplies, tires, and outdoor furniture can all be recycled and serve many new and unique purposes.

Garden Hoses:

A clever way to reuse an old worn garden hose is to turn it into a sprinkler. Poke holes every three inches throughout its length, and place on the grass as needed. It can also serve as a soaker hose around shrubbery and plants. You can also cut the hose and make a homemade rubber handle to carry or pull heavy items.

Dead Leaves:

Gather dead leaves, grass clippings, branches, and food scraps to create a compost pile. This can be saved and reused to fertilize plants season after season. It's a great way to reduce waste in landfills. You can also dry leaves that have unique and interesting sizes and shapes and use them for school or home décor projects. Consider using branches to make table centerpieces or use dried flower petals for potpourri.

Scrap Wood:

Collect wood from old decks, indoor/outdoor furniture, old tools, or indoor flooring, and reuse the scrap in a variety of ways. One way is to build seating benches for a patio space, or simply (obviously), use it for firewood. You can also cut the wood into small pieces and add to a compost pile. Consider donating unwanted scraps of wood to schools, wood shops, or local woodworking organizations.


An old fence can be re-purposed in many different ways. Sand and repaint it to use as a low barrier in the garden around vegetables and herbs. It can also be turned into creative wall art mounted on a brick or cinder block wall. If the fence has wrought iron, attach to square planters creating a very unique design in your garden and plants.

Old Tires:

Old tires can be cleaned and spray-painted in bright colors and used for child swings or as a soft padding in playgrounds. Another option is to shred the rubber and use as decorative bark around shrubbery and flowers.

Discover more ways to reuse and recycle old items around the home by visiting your local library or home improvement store. There, you will find other great ways to re-purpose items and become green around the home. Talk to someone with an online MU sustainability degree and find out different ways you can reduce your carbon footprint by composting wood-chips, old food and more in a vegetable patch.


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  1. Ericka McGee
    Thank you for your wonderful tips I think everyone should follow these and help our environment and their gardens too. Your plants will thank you for this.
  2. Rafaela
    I have to start composting thanks for the tips
  3. Jose Rodriguez
    Thanks I will start now


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