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Create Your Own Herb Garden
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Create Your Own Herb Garden

Certain herbs have been noted to have medicinal and therapeutic qualities, which can cure many minor ailments. Some herbs to consider include chamomile, cinnamon, yarrow, spearmint, peppermint, lavender, valerian, lemongrass, white willow, flaxseed, rosemary, and yellowdock. Therefore, it is a good idea to start growing your own herb garden.

A good way to start is by starting small and working your way up. Container gardening as well as using small pots can be used for smaller homes, such as townhomes, apartments, condominiums, lofts, penthouses, and small houses, whether placing them in the backyard, front doorstep, or indoors by a well-lighted area. Then, you can create your own homemade spa with some organically-grown herbs from your own herb garden.

Chamomile is good for relaxing, improving breathing, and soothing burns. It can be found in many lotions, shampoos, conditions, herb teas, heat and cold packs, and potpourri.

Cinnamon heals antispasmodic and bronchitis conditions as well as it makes an excellent breath freshener. Chewing on a cinnamon toothpick after a meal can be a great substitute for cinnamon-flavored chewing gum. Then, the toothpick can be used to floss your teeth.

Yarrow promotes healing. It is best use in herb teas as well as potpourri.

Like yarrow, Rosemary also has healing properties; and, therefore, it can be used in the same way as you would use a yarrow herb.

Spearmint, most commonly used as a chewing gum flavor, is noted to be good for relaxation. After a long day, relax in your warm bubble bath, filled with spearmint as you sip a cup of hot spearmint herb tea.

Lavender heals arthritis, relaxes stressed out people, and improves circulation. Place a potted lavender plant as a centerpiece on your coffee table, along with some lavender-scented candles and incense. It can also make pretty décor for your family room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Peppermint is often used as breath freshener and after-meal candy as well as used as chewing gum flavor and herb tea flavor. It tends to alleviate certain flu symptoms.

  • Valerian tends to have a calming effect. It is therefore perfect for nervous and stressed out people as well as for people who have an anxiety or nervous disorder in order to help them relax.
  • Lemongrass heals common everyday ailments, such as nerve pain, headaches and cold sores.
  • White willow also heals everyday ailments, such as toothaches, muscle pain, and arthritis. But it is most beneficial for athletes, dancers and older people because they are most likely to experience such problems.
  • Flaxseed is a temperature conductor.
  • Yellowdock tends to improve circulation. It is therefore a good idea to place a potted yellowdock plant, candles, and potpourri in your bedroom.

As I eat an EVO brand, Vegan Thai Tofu Peanut Wrap that I recently bought from Mother's Market, I read the back of the box to notice that everyone can make a difference in controlling global warming problems. It explains that global warming is NOT caused merely by carbon dioxide. Methane is the real culprit to global warming issues. The EPA notes that "...methane traps 21 times more heat in the Earth's atmosphere than carbon dioxide!"

Moreover, all the farm animals raised and used for human consumption causes the most methane, much more than any amount that a car or factory would emit into the atmosphere. Hence, it is important for more people to become Vegan in order to save the animals and the planet from further destruction.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Veganara
    Vote no 2. Great blog. I love herbs, and I have a couple of pots of them in my kitchen at present (basil and parsley for cooking and for decoration, but I am planning to grow some more, and maybe use them for other purposes, as you suggest). You are completely right about methane from farmed animals, I keep hearing this everywhere. It is definitely one of the major reasons for going vegan.
  2. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Love all this info. I grow a lot of herbs including mint, lemon balm, rosemary, basil, oregano and chives. I love it and really so easy. Voted! Vote for my roasted radish recipe if you like :)
  3. evalovesbend
    Great info! I have my own herb garden and grow a few that you talk about above. Voted. Check out my post vegan churro chips and dip and vote if you like it :)
  4. BuddhasDelight
    great article. i am a huuuge fan of herbs, they are such a gift and joy. voted! :)
    1. BuddhasDelight
      p.s. i would love to know a bit about your publishing experience, as i am in the process of self-publishing my cookbook now. :) any info or advice would be gladly appreciated!


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