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5 Steps for Crafting a Perfect Vegan Menu for Your Wedding
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5 Steps for Crafting a Perfect Vegan Menu for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a celebration of you, your partner ,and the life you’ve chosen to live together. If the life you’ve chosen to live together is a vegan one, then your wedding should celebrate that choice.

Some of your guests might not subscribe to the plant-based lifestyle, but don’t let that stop you from serving fantastic meat-free fare at your reception. With a well-crafted menu, the omnivores won’t even miss meat in their meal.

Below are a few tips on satisfying your guests’ appetite while sticking to your principles.

1.) Find a Creative Caterer

Typical reception choices include chicken, beef ,or seafood as the main component. Unless you are lucky enough to find a caterer that specializes in plant-based food, you’re going to need to find a creative caterer who is willing to respect your requests. Most caterers should be able to accommodate you, but they may need you to bring some suggestions to the table.

Bring a few of your own favorite recipes to the meeting with your caterer to give them some ideas of what kinds of food you like to eat. Make it very clear which foods are not acceptable to you in case the caterer is not well-versed in vegan cooking. 

2.) Keep it Simple

So many foods are vegan without even trying. Fruits, vegetables, and pasta are just a few everyday foods that most people enjoy without even considering them vegan. If you and the majority of your guests are foodies, then by all means, make it exotic.

But if simple is your style, then keep your menu simple. Fresh seasonal foods prepared simply are often the most appealing. For an appetizer, offer a vegetable crudité with a variety of dips such as hummus or spicy black bean dip.

3.) Make it Beautiful

People eat with their eyes, so make your menu a feast for all the senses. Since fruits and vegetable are naturally colorful, you can create a meal as beautiful as it is delicious. This spiral vegetable tart is a savory work of art.

Fruits come in every color of the rainbow, so use them to make your tablescape brilliant. Your guests will be so busy looking at the beauty they will forget to look for the meat.   

4.) Don’t Fake It

You may be used to using tofu, TVP, and seitan as meat substitutes now, but think back to the first time you tried these foods. You weren’t really fooled, right? No matter how you prepare them, they just aren’t the same as meat. Don’t try to trick your guests into thinking they’re getting meat.

Instead, stick with dishes that are hearty and filling without needing meat, like these stuffed portabella caps. And while we’re not faking meat, let’s skip faking cheese and cream too. 

5.) End on a Sweet Note

A good dessert is something everyone can enjoy, vegan or not. You can provide options that go with the seasonality of your wedding or options that are your favorites year round. Or even better: Provide both. For a light and summery dish, try vegan angel food cake topped with fresh berries and a side of sorbet. To treat a more decadent tooth, serve this flourless chocolate cake made with dairy-free chocolate.

Your wedding cake is essential: Make sure that your baker is skilled in the art of egg-replacement. 

A beautiful and delicious vegan wedding menu may be just the thing to convince your close family and friends to give the plant-based lifestyle a try. Even if it doesn’t, your guests will go home satisfied with their happy memories of your special day.

Image: Kakuko

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  1. Support
    We just love this post! Thanks for contributing to The Flamig Vegan!
  2. beachgurl
    Loved the way you layed out this blog ! The links were cool. One question - have you tried the stuffed portobellos or angel food cake? Maybe that's two questions. I will be hosting a vegan bridal shower soon and am collecting recipes now. They have to be over the top, because my daughters were raised veg. The youngest one is getting married and she has given the caterer a run for their money. During the first tasting she kept telling them her mom wouldn't serve that on a night when she had no time to cook. I have to live up to my own reputation in the kitchen and I'm starting to sweat :) Voted.


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