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3 Wats to Make Tofu Simply Irresistible
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3 Wats to Make Tofu Simply Irresistible

"Tofu? You're going to cook tofu?" 

Some of my friends, who are true-blue meat lovers, consider tofu to be the blandest of the bland. But vegans and vegetarians know better.

So how can you make it truly irresistible so these self-confessed tofu haters would throw themselves at your feet, and beg on their knees just to have a bite?

It’s as simple as counting from one to three.

One to three?

Yup! Just count up to three.


Well, it is as such because there are – among others – three simple and delicious ways to bring that tofu from a boring bland state to a moutwatering, delectable dish that’s not only oozing with the taste of paradise but also nutritionally-packed with health benefits.

What are those must-try tofu recipes?

Thai Curry Tofu from allrecipes

This is one of my all-time fave tofu recipes. When I first tried this, my daughter (who doesn’t really like tofu that much) finished every morsel and even asked me to cook the same dish the next day!

While I usually opt to do my own experimenting in the kitchen when I’m not beating deadlines and all, some recipes like these are best followed to a T.

One of the best sources for this dish is at allrecipes. Together with the breakdown of ingredients and directions for this recipe, pertinent information that you need to know is also included. Important details like preparation time, cooking time and the time it would be ready to serve are noted down there. It also offers a servings counter where you can calculate the servings in US or metric equivalents. Truly useful if you're cooking for a bigger batch.

Tofu & Vegetable Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce at chooseveg

What I like about chooseveg is their how-to video for this recipe.

While the ingredients and directions on how to cook this wonderful tofu recipe is written below, you can watch how it is done and simply follow along, too – making the cooking experience really fun!

Pasta, Tofu, and Steamed Veggies at savvyvegetarian

Savvyvegetarian whips up this quick and easy recipe for pasta lovers. The directions are really simple to follow and they also include the nutritional data for the dish so you know what you're going to put in your mouth.

So why not have fun in the kitchen and whip up these three delicious tofu dishes? You’ll see that even those who do not like tofu wouldn’t think twice in admitting that your tofu dish is simply irresistible.




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.




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