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Cost Effective And Rewarding Ways to Get Your Food
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Cost Effective And Rewarding Ways to Get Your Food

Living a vegan, or any type of “paramainstream” lifestyle, in terms of health and dietary choices (and just living in general) can be expensive. This is especially true when it comes to obtaining food, a fact that I’m sure you’ve been forced to come in contact with amidst your travels down the vegan/organic path–we all have. But never fear, because there exist virtually endless methods and tricks one living “off the beaten” path can apply to their own repertoire, and not only get by, but also create abundance. One such method is growing vegetables yourself.

It’s no mystery by now that growing one’s own veggies is a cost effective, and rewarding practice to adopt, but the main concern for most might be how to get started, and issues of space. If you were unfortunate enough to stroll down a life path which failed to bless you with a lawn to convert to a beautiful garden oasis, then don’t fret. Pictured above are rows of vegetables growing in none other than repurposed soda bottles. Yes, soda bottles. More and more, people have been discovering, “if it holds something, it can grow something”, and I can attest from personal experience that this indeed is the case, for I too have grown veggies in bottles before. I’ve even turned milk cartons into a rudimentary hydroponics system, using a water fountain to pump the water up to the top, and let it trickle down nourishing my growing plants.

If you have cinder blocks available, line them up, chuck some yummy soil into the holes, and place some veggie plants in them. Additionally, if you have enough blocks, arrange them in a rectangle, creating a raised bed, throw soil in the center, and in the holes of the cinder blocks, and plant your veggies. Or if you have some sturdy bags or sacks that you don’t need anymore, hang them on a fence or attach them to a wall, with some soil and plants tucked inside. Once again, “if it holds something, it can grow something”. This is a nice little adage to burn into the brain.

Virtually anything can be grown, and it can be grown virtually anywhere. When it comes down to it, the only thing that truly is stopping one from having the things that they need, is limitations of imagination. This is why imagination and creativity are so important, and are not merely something that is reserved for the whimsical time of childhood. It should, if anything, grow stronger as the brain ages, rather than shrivel and all but die.

The picture above just displays one possible utilization of resources which are strewn among us, yet rarely ever seen. What do you think? Can this be applied in your own life, or some variation of it?

Stay creative, and there is no limit to what can be found.


The Still Mind

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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    I have so many questions. This is very interesting. I have to grow in very refined area. Can't grow in the ground. Alittle thinking and I can do it. Your ideas are great! Voted.
    1. Still Mind
      Still Mind
      Yes, all it takes is a little creativity. I had my plants indoors for the winter, and they were growing pretty well. I've been experimenting with a bunch of "portable" planting methods, and I've found that truly, as I stated in the article, "if it holds something, it can grow something" :-) Thank you for reading and voting ^_^
  2. Andrew Knighton
    Andrew Knighton
    I like your creative use of different containers. I'm lucky enough to have a garden for my vegetables, but regularly see them demolished by slugs. Using soda bottles and hanging sacks might keep them safe from such pests.


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