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Contemporary Vegan Fashion from Delikate Rayne
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Contemporary Vegan Fashion from Delikate Rayne

Well, I don't know how things are in your parts of the world, but I've come across a lot of stereotypes about how vegans tend to look, and what constitutes vegan fashion. These seem to relate to long flowing skirts, canvas bags and hats, and all things hemp; in other words, what might be termed, 'the hippy look.' Now, if that's your style, there's nothing wrong with wearing it, but as vegans are as diverse as can be imagined, it's always great to hear about different fashion choices that allows us to display our personalities and styles, loud and proud.

And that's where Delikate Rayne enter the picture. This ethical boutique offers a range of high-quality, contemporary and stylish clothes, from gorgeous satin slip dresses and asymetrical blouses to bold imitation leather mini skirts and bustiers. All of the materials used are one hundred per cent vegan, and environmentally friendly too; all fabrics are responsibly sourced, whilst Delikate Rayne's 'PVC,' is actually sustainable, chemical-free polyurethane, so you can feel smart, confident and dressed to face the world without harming the environment or compromising your vegan principles in the name of fashion. As a portion of the company's profits will be donated to wildlife and conservation products, a purchase represents not only a conscious choice to buy cruelty-free, but also a commitment to making a world a better place through advocacy.

Naturally, the founders of this unique and pioneering brand, two sisters who began the venture to embrace beauty in a framework which bursts out of ethnic and gendered expectations, care deeply about human rights too. Therefore we can rest assured that the Delikate Rayne's intricate stitching and elegant offerings are the work of local manufacturers who are guaranteed fair wages and clean, safe working conditions. With such a commitment to people, planet, cruelty-free living and creativity, Delikate Rayne is our new favourite clothing shop; why not check them out and spread the word to give an ethical business a well-deserved thumbs-up?

Photo copyright Delikate Rayne.

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    Yes! I am so glad you are blogging about this. I love everything these girls are doing.


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