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4 Ways to Use Coconut Oil
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4 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Simply put, coconut oil is a vegan health and beauty must have!

it is great for a number of things and leaves you feeling soft and silky.

Coconut Oil Foot Scrub:

Coconut oil is good for softening hard skin on feet. Mix it with salt until its a hard paste and rub it into your feet. Pop on a pair of socks and let it soak in for as long as you like. Wash off when your ready, and wala! Soft feet. Make sure not to use this scrub on any other part of your body. 

Coconut Oil Body and Face Scrub:

Mix coconut oil with sugar for a great exfoliator. Stir into a thick paste. Was off. Pat skin afterward with a towel but (making sure not to rub). You can also use this as a lip scrub, to get rid of flakey skin in your lips. Just go ahead and eat it afterward! It's great for you!

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment:

Using coconut oil on your hair is like a conditioning treatment. Melt about five tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl. If you have long hair, then use more. Melt it in a bowl, pour it in your hair, and rub in. Leave for a few hours or over night if you can then wash. Be careful. It melts really quickly! 

Coconut Oil Moisturizer: 

Coconut oil makes a fantastic and great-smelling all round moisturizer, which can be used all over body and as much as you like. 

Facial Primer:

Use coconut oil very lightly all over your face before applying your make up. It leaves the skin soft and helps to make your makeup last throughout the day.

Eat Up:

You can also add it to smoothies, use it in food preparation instead if any other high heat cooking oil, or heat it up and drink it warm to boost your immune system and cleanse your insides.

Here's to beauty and all things organic!


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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