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Clear Skin the Healthy Way
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Clear Skin the Healthy Way

These days there are so many different choices to chose from when you go looking for face washes, moisturizers, and scrubs-- and so many of them are full of harmful chemicals! How on earth do you know what to choose? I struggled with this question for many years before finally discovering the natural way. Let me tell you about three different products (a face wash, a face scrub, and a face moisturizer) that are all quite good for you.

First, let's talk about face washes. What do you wish your face wash would do for you? Clear your skin of blemishes, fight wrinkles, reduce redness, and make your pores look smaller? I have a face wash that does it all! No, it's not a miracle product that has given me perfect skin within a week, I still do have acne and a bit of redness. However, using this product has visably improved my skin. What is it? Honey. Now I know, some of you may have a problem with using honey. I personally do not, but, if you would rather use something else, here's a link to another face wash I have used-- and still do use on occasion: . However, if you do not mind using honey, here are the steps to wash your face:

1. Buy "raw" "pure" honey (this is very important!)

2. Open the jar and set it next to you

3. Wash your hands thoroughly

4. Pour a puddle of honey (roughly the size of a quarter) into the palm of your hand

5. Rub your hands together back and forth (as you do this, the honey will almost "liquify")

6. Spread the honey all over your face

7. You have a choice! Either:

A. Wash off immedietly with warm water

B. Let the honey sit on your face for about five to ten minutes to let all the extra goodness soak in and then wash it off with warm water

(Either choice is fine! if I'm in a hurry I usually just wash it right off.)

8. Splash your face with cold water

9. Pat your face dry


Now that wasn't too hard, was it?

Moving on...facial scrubs. Have you ever used them? I don't use a facial scrub all that often, but, when I do I remember why I should be doing it more! They can be sooo helpful. I recommend doing a scrub about once a week (depending on how sensitive your skin is) or so. One facial scrub I have been using recently is one that is supposed to even out your skin tone and help rid your face of acne-- and of course, it's natural! Want to learn how? Follow these steps:

1. Buy baking soda

2. Pour about a teaspon of the baking soda into a shallow bowl

3. Pour enough warm water into the baking soda to make a paste

4. Carefully wash your hands

5. Scoop up some of the mixture with your fingers and spread it on to your face

6. Continue spreading the baking soda mixture all over your face until it has all been covered

7. You have a couple choices to make! You can:

A. Wash off immediately

B. Let it sit on your face for about ten minutes and then wash off

C. Gently (stress gently!!) massage your face (I do this, but, I have to be very careful because if you are too rough with your skin, you will regret it later!) and then wash off

D. Massage your face as in choice C, but, let it sit on your skin for about ten minutes before washing off

8. Pat your face dry

9. Moisturize!


But wait, what are you going to moisturize with? Do you use natural items to wash and scrub your face, and then finish off with moisturizers full of chemicals? I hope not! I have a face moisturizer that not only moisturizes my skin, but also improves my skin's over all condition. What is it? Coconut oil.

Now I realize, coconut oil-- or any other kind of oil for that matter-- is probably not your first choice when you are thinking of something to smear over your skin. After all, doesn't oil + skin = breakouts? That's what you'd think. However, I have some exciting news for you! Acne and other skin problems can actually be very effectively fought against with oil. I would love to give you all the reasons and benefits for oil, but, time is an issue. I don't want to use up your entire afternoon going over the benefits of oil! But if you are interested in the subject, I suggest googling coconut oil and skin care. How do you use cocount oil as a moisturizer? It's simple:

1. Buy "virgin" "organic" coconut oil

2. Open the jar

3. Wash your hands well

4. Put some of the oil (roughly the size of a dime) into the palm of your hand

(If it is still solid, allow it to melt in your hand.)

5. Take your fingers and gently spread the oil all over your face (be sure to rub it in so it will actually soak in and not just sit on the surface of your skin)

6. You're done! Your face may look a bit greasy at first, but, that will go away.


I have so enjoyed getting healthy, glowing skin! I hope you enjoy it as well-- happy washing!



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  1. Carolyn
    What is the shelf life of coconut oil? I've used coconut milk in recipes but not coconut oil. Does it need refrigeration? Good article!
    1. Nicole
      Hi Carolyn, Coconut oil should last at least a year (In fact, I've heard of it lasting for several years without going bad!), and, it does not need refrigerated. I've had mine for a couple months by now, and, I've kept it at room temp the whole time and it's just as good now as when I first got it. Thank you!
  2. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    I am going to have my son try the honey. He is 15 and sometimes has skin problems! Liz @ Virtually Homemade
  3. harrisonc77
    Arbonne has a full line of vegan skincare and cosmetics.They have been in business for over 30 years. or if anyone would like more info .. you can write me at or thru facebook (carla harrison ) i am an independent consultant, and also use and love the products.. you can also go to their website at


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