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Christie Brinkley is 61 and Fabulous, Thanks to Her Vegan Lifestyle!
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Christie Brinkley is 61 and Fabulous, Thanks to Her Vegan Lifestyle!

At 61 years of age, you’d mistake Christie Brinkley for younger than 40! What’s her age-defying secret?

Her vegan diet! The fresh-faced and gorgeous model recently stated that her vegan lifestyle is the reason for her glow. Christie was a vegetarian since the tender age of 12, then became vegan in her later years, but confesses to moving between the two. She is currently a flexible vegan, however she told Bazaar that she has not touched a piece of meat since the age of 12. The reason? She had read a shocking description of what happens at Chicago slaughterhouses and it put her off meat. Nice one, Christie! Living vegan has made her beat the clock and maintain a healthy weight.

The youthfulness of a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is definitely backed up by science. A study by the University of California recently found that making a healthy lifestyle change, such as by following a vegetarian eating plan, can not only keep you looking healthy but reverse signs of ageing! In the study, 35 men battling prostate cancer started following a healthier lifestyle plan. A good diet is one that contains a large quantity of whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and plant-based protein, which is good news for vegans! The result of the study was that there was a 10 percent boost to their telomeres, which are basically coverings found at the tips of chromosomes. When we age, these telomeres start to become shorter, but following a healthy lifestyle manages to increase our youth by making telomeres longer.

Christie is also a great example for healthy beauty as she said in an interview with The Cut that she used to fall in the trap of trying out different and strange diets, but she learned that the best and only way to be is to have a balanced diet. She has a vegan skincare line called Authentic Skincare that is against animal-cruelty.




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