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Celebrating a Fully Vegan Wedding
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Celebrating a Fully Vegan Wedding

When Shasvathi Siva, the bride decided to tie the knot with the man of her dreams, Karthik back in November, she wanted an exceptional wedding. Shasvathi had the brilliant idea of celebrating a fully vegan wedding. It sounds completely impossible but this couple managed to pull it off and it was awesome.

Wedding arrangements

The invited guests had been informed of the theme prior to the wedding and what was expected of them. Since the union would be an eco-friendly event, guests were requested to avoid animal products and plastics. The families of both bride and groom were all vegans so many were excited for the vegan theme.

Shasvathi said that she had always dreamt of having a completely vegan wedding. This is because she was raised as a vegan and it is something that she greatly believes in. Her father, Anand Siva, is a renowned animal rights activist who instilled in her the importance of respecting animal rights.

Friends and relatives followed suit by supporting the wedding theme. Support from these groups of people during a wedding is very important and it's important that they support what the wedding will be about.

Fashion and decoration

Ordinary weddings usually decorate the wedding venue with different types of flowers. This helps to make the area brighter and colorful. This, however, was not the case at the vegan wedding. There were no flowers used as decorations. Everything in the wedding was made from vegan fabrics.

The wedding garlands were made out of satin and sarees, which are usually made from silk, were made from polycot and others faux silk. There were no clothes made from silk, leather or wool. The bride said that she bought all her sarees from the Dada Emporium in Mumbai.

Shasvathi’s lehengas had been designed by Soch Studio to ensure that they were completely vegan. She also said that her make up products had not been tested on animals. The bride used organic toiletries. The soap and shampoo were from Kenisha while the toothpaste was from Dabur. The cutlery used were all made from papier mache and sugarcane fiber purchased in Bangalore.

Customs and traditions

A traditional South Indian union has several rituals that the bride and groom have to perform. One involves the couple sitting on a swing. When celebrating a fully vegan wedding, the couple sat on a swing made from bamboo and adorned with vegetable oil and vegan fabric.

Another ritual requires the couple to cut down two banana trees which are then placed at the wedding hall. Since the Sivas do not support cutting down trees, they planted two banana trees six months prior to the wedding. The potted plants were placed in front of the wedding hall and they continue to bloom.

Man’s best friend

Shasvathi is a dog lover and all the dogs in the family were invited to the wedding. Guests were also allowed to bring along their pets at the pet- friendly union. She said that the dogs had a great time since there were no restrictions.

The Menu

When celebrating a fully vegan wedding, the menu contained vegan foods only. They included:

  • Cashews
  • Curd rice
  • Almonds
  • Gulab jamun
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  1. Amelia
    I hope the couple had a really great day! The fact that their families and friends were so supportive is really wonderful; I'm actually a little jealous. Thanks for sharing this Davin.
  2. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    Thanks for this awesome post, Davin. Sounds like this wedding would have been a blast!


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