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Cecil the Beloved Lion and the Dentist Killer
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Cecil the Beloved Lion and the Dentist Killer

It sounds like something out of a horror movie: a dentist with a sweet tooth for shooting and killing animals, posing with the dead ones, and then returning to the office for a two pm root canal. Cue shivers.

  • Striking a Nerve 

U.S. dentist Walter James Palmer has found himself in quite a bit of trouble after he killed a beloved lion called Cecil in a national park in Zimbabwe. People have been up in arms over the killing of this lion, who was first taken out of the national park and then shot and killed by Palmer. Cecil was quite well-known in the park, always being watched by visitors and tourists who found him to be amicable and interesting.

  • Digging Deeper 

But then the story gets even worse. Palmer had actually paid hundreds of thousands of Dollars for guides to grant him permits so that he could have a valid and legal hunting expedition. He is now being investigated as the country’s government has released a statement that Palmer was not allocated a lion during his hunting trip and therefore he shouldn’t have killed it.  

  • Previous Unlawful Practices 

What’s further shocking is that this isn’t the first time Palmer has hunted an animal. He has been snapped with various animals after their fatal shootings and has been hunting for years. This isn’t the first time he has found himself in problematic waters, either. In the past he was found guilty of bear poaching in the U.S., after shooting a black bear. How is this guy still allowed to be hunting?

  • Character Flaw 

Added to his hunting malpractices, it seems that he shouldn’t even be working as a dentist because he has also created problems relating to his mistreatment of people. Palmer was accused of sexually harassing his receptionist in 2009.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Giulia!
  2. Vin Chauhun
    Vin Chauhun
    Cecil was first shot with a bow, then a gun. The more i read these posts the more angrier I get, and I am tempted to say nasty things about sex pest and coward Walter James Palmer. but i will have to refrain for offending people's sensibilities. :)


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