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Caught Between Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle and Your Busy Schedule? Here Are 5 Helpful Tips
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Caught Between Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle and Your Busy Schedule? Here Are 5 Helpful Tips

The idea of a healthy lifestyle sounds so appealing. All day long we are bombarded with images of healthy, energetic, fresh-looking people, and the desire to join the ranks can be overwhelming. And for those of us who have already embraced a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, sometimes the only thing that stands between our current semi-healthy way of life and the lifestyle we dream of is simply: our busy schedule.

Work, children, relationships, community service, commuting: we're are either getting busier all the time or at the very least it seems that we are. When you find that your busy schedule is standing in the way of your dreamed-of healthy lifestyle, implementing a few simple tips and embracing some new habits can make all the difference. Here are our five top tips to create a healthy lifestyle while still juggling your busy schedule.

Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle: Food and Nutrition

1. Plan Your Meals

No one feels like cooking a nutritious breakfast and packing a super-healthy lunch first thing in the morning. Mornings can be the most hectic time of the day for many people, especially those juggling getting kids ready for school and out the door, getting yourself ready, and regretting not getting your full 8-hours the night before.

Make an effort to plan your meals in advance. Depending on your schedule, it may be easier for you to plan a week's worth of breakfasts and lunches in advance on the weekend, or it may make more sense for you to prep your next day's nutrition the night before. When morning rolls around and your breakfast and lunch are both prepared for you, you'll be much more likely to nourish yourself properly and resist skipping breakfast or grabbing a less-than-healthy option for lunch.

Check out this vegan meal plan and these tips for vegan meal planning for busy people for healthy vegan meal ideas that can be prepared in advance.

2. Embrace Simple Raw Snacks

The busy vegan crunching on raw celery sticks is such an overused cliché, yet it turns out there's a reason that image pops up so repeatedly. As it turns out, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables are ridiculously easy, convenient, and so healthy. Carrots, cucumbers, and celery are easy and delicious vegetables to snack on, and obvious convenient fruit choices include apples, pears, and bananas.

For bonus points, thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables in advance, so grabbing a snack becomes as simple and reaching into the fridge and pulling out your fruit or vegetable of choice.

3. Easy Green Smoothies Made Even Easier

Green smoothies are all the rage, and it's hard to decide if it's because they're delicious, healthy, or invigorating. Most likely it's all three reasons equally. As simple as it can be to throw a few basic green smoothie ingredients into a blender to create the perfect breakfast, sometimes even the thought of whipping up a green smoothie that actually tastes good is too much to handle first thing in the morning.

For a simple time-saving solution, either blend up a larger batch a few times a week and store your breakfast in advance in mason jars in the fridge, or - if it's all the chopping that puts you off - chop your fruits and vegetables in advance and store the exact ingredients for each day's green smoothie in Ziploc bags in the fridge.

Your morning blending task won't seem so daunting when the ingredients have already been prepared and are waiting to be blended.

Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise and Rejuvenation

4. Forget the Pitstops Between Working and Working Out

It can be tempting to pop home for a minute after work before heading back out again to exercise. Or if you're a morning exerciser, common sense dictates that you could come back home to freshen up before heading to work.

Whether you're planning on hitting the gym or hitting the streets for a run, avoid the temptation to come back home between your workout and your work or other daily activities. Doing so creates a barrier to exercising, extending the time taken, and putting your willpower to the test. After all, when you get home after work, the desire to change into your PJs and relax on the couch can be overwhelming. And when a morning workout means an extra trip back home to freshen up before heading out again, you could easily give into the temptation to skip the workout.

Instead, move straight from your work to your workout - or vice versa - without the pitstop. A small gym bag with a change of clothes and shoes, deodorant or body spray, and mouth cleansing wipes is all that's required to easily shift between workout mode into work mode.

5. Achieve More in Less Time While an hour-long gym session or a 5km run can feel amazing, it is widely believed now that shorter,

While an hour-long gym session or a 5km run can feel amazing, it is widely believed now that shorter, higher-intensity workout can provide just as many benefits as longer workouts. The 7-Minute Workout targets all major muscle groups in a strategic order, and - as the name suggests - takes just seven minutes to complete. It's not a substitute for your regular workouts, but it's an amazing alternative for those days when you just don't have an hour to spend working out.

Which of these tips has been the most helpful? Are there any that you're going to implement? Comment below and let us know, and don't forget to share these tips with your friends!



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