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Catchy Comebacks

I am a big fan of Whale Wars. A few weeks ago the episode had the Sea Shepherds at the Faroe Islands. The people of the Faroe Islands are brutal killers of pilot whales. It's a tradition of theirs to kill pilot whales in the most barbaric way -- stabbing them until they die. As the pilot whales migrate by the hundreds, the whalers use boats to herd in whole families of them until the whales are in the shallow waters where people then run into the water with knives and start slashing. It's very hard to watch and even harder to fathom.

A year or so ago my friend Lindsey was travelling down to Key Largo every week in a heroic effort to help save the life of ONE pilot whale. And she wasn't the only one. There were whole groups of people helping a pod that had stranded in the Keys. One by one they helped the whales until only one remained. They never gave up on the one. They kept fighting for them. 

When the Brigitte Bardot, the flagship of the Sea Shepherd Conservancy, docked at the Faroe Islands, her captain was accosted by some very angry whalers. They set out tables of whale meat in front of the ship so the tender hearted, compassionate but fierce crew had to suffer the indignity of people coming down to the dock to devour the whale meat in full view of the crew. As it turns out, the Faroe Islanders are not only barbarians, they're assholes too. When the captain went to talk to one of the whalers, the whaler brought out that tired old nugget: "Hitler was a vegetarian!" He said it with such pride and authority you would have thought he was Hitler's cook. 

What was he trying to say? That we are in bad company because Adolf ate apples instead of angus?

How many times have we, as vegetarians and vegans, have squirmed when somone says that to us? What's the answe to that? Here are several:

Them: Hitler was a vegetarian.

You: Oh yeah? Well so was Ghandi, Albert Schweitzer, Alice Walker, Charles Darwin, H.G Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Henry David Thoreau, Isaac Singer, Leonardo Da Vinci, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Steve Jobs, Tolstoy, and Thomas Edison, just to name a few. Try to memorize at least three of these so you can use it the next time someone says that to you. You can find them all at Famous Vegetarians

Of course, a simple "What's your point?" can be just as effective. Really, just what is the point of that stupid statement? 

They won't have one. They won't have one because there is no point. We have the overwhelming majority of good people on our side, they just have the one. 

Not only that, but in the case of the Faroe Islands, we are dealing with sub-humans. They must be sub-human, because anyone who can do that to an animal is not as evolved as the rest of us. That's why when they do it in the United States, we arrest them and throw away the key. Even the inmates in the prisons hate animal abusers - they fall in line with the kid killers and baby rapers. When the inmates get new meat and learn that person hurt or killed a child or animal, well, they mete out their own special brand of punishment. So even the riffraff know enough to abhor animal abuse.

Academy Award winner Kim Basinger said "If you could see or feel the suffering, you wouldn't think twice. Give back life, don't eat meat." 

Well these folks not only see and feel the suffering, they are the facilitators of it. The suffering does not give them pause. It fuels their frenzy. 

There are a lot of sick people in the world, and many of them call the Faroe Islands home.

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  1. susannalcsw
    A long awaited excellent article!
  2. Carolyn
    Vote #1 Michelle Rivera!
  3. MJ
    Excellent!!! It's people like you that will create the change....I couldn't get past the first scene in a Whale Wars episode...beautifully written.
  4. Carolyn
    Congrats for making Top Posts!


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