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Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa: What's Really Going On?
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Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa: What's Really Going On?

The canned lion hunting industry in the country of South Africa has had a spotlight thrown on its grim reality thanks to a documentary known as 'Blood Lions'which exposes the truth about canned lion hunting and captive lion breeding. 

  • Canned Hunting is Not Just About Killing Animals

Canned lion hunting is destructive to the animals on many levels. For starters, the animals are forced to live in a confined space so they cannot escape. They are trained to get used to human contact and are often bottle-fed when they’re cubs. This makes them think humans are always going to be friendly to them, which puts them at a greater risk of getting killed. 

  • Isn't Canned Hunting Illegal? 

Although many years ago the South African government banned canned hunting and stipulated that animals need to be free for two years before people could hunt them, lion breeders challenged this and won the case. The high court ruled that restrictions placed on lion breeders were not considered to be rational. Between 2006 and 2011, most trophy hunted animals were captive-bred ones

  • Canned Hunting is NOT Good for Lion Conservation 

It is a misconception to think killing captive-bred lions is better for the species than killing those roaming free in the wild because it prevents an increase in the number of killings. The truth is that captive breeding boosts the problem of trophy hunting. This is because lion farms stipulate how much the dead body of a lion is worth to hunters and this motivates them to want to kill more. Often, hunters move on from canned hunting to hunting in the wild.  

  • Will canned hunting be banned in South Africa?

This is something we’re hopeful about and it could become a reality. 'Blood Lions' has been viewed in 185 countries and it has set a global campaign in action that is focused on ending canned hunting and captive breeding. No animal should be killed or turned into a commodity. There is no excuse for canned hunting and captive breeding. 

*Image courtesy UMB-O / Dollar Photo Club



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