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Can we Trust Foods Labeled "Vegan" or "Vegetarian"?
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Can we Trust Foods Labeled "Vegan" or "Vegetarian"?

Haven't we all stood in the grocery store for hours upon hours reading labels to make sure that the food we buy is indeed vegetarian or vegan?  It seems today that there are a plethora of ingredients in food that are both unpronouncable. We often have no idea as to the tue origin of the ingredients.  For example, how many times have we seen "natural flavors" and put the item we were looking at back on the shelf?  I know from personal experience that grocery shopping is often difficult and cumbersom, due to all the unknown ingredients and unclear explanations put on food labels.

A few stores have really stepped forward to include vegetarian and vegan friendly labels that make our journey to the grocery store much more pleasant.  Kroger brand food items specify whether an item is vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten free.  Shopping at Kroger or a store that sells Kroger products (Food 4 Less) is a great step in furthering the accessability of food for vegetarians and vegans.  If mainstream grocery stores such as Jewel and Dominick's were to follow in the footsteps of Kroger, I truly believe that more vegetarians and vegans would regularly shop there.  Trader Joe's is the original producer of veg friendly labels.  For years they have been very strict on what is veg and what is not.  They take extra care to assure vegetarians and vegans that the food we eat is safe and animal free. 

My question is why can't all grocery stores do this as well?  If they can have labels for allergies and gluten free food, what's stopping them from making vegetarian and vegan labels?  We already have to pay more money for Morning Star products and organic food, so why not give us a break?

So, fellow veggie lovers, maybe one day we'll have the pleasure of walking into a grocery store and being able to pick up any food item and looking for a veggie friendly symbol instead of reading a long list of ingridients.  Let's make them do the work for us for once!


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  1. Carolyn
    Most of us city dwellers cannot get away from purchasing some processed foods. However, when possible choosing fresh or frozen unprocessed foods is best!
    1. PandaMike
      I love frozen foods too. I always get fresh groceries from The Kroger Co. near my place. And you know what, Kroger offers a survey to get 50 fuel points and a chance to free Sweepstakes program. I really love the work they do at Kroger stores, and by the way, is the survey page link to earn free fuel points. Thank you all! I love TheFlamingVegan site. God bless you all.
  2. Akanksha
    You are right Vi, one cannot completely trust anything bought from the store. There are hidden ingredients and ingredients in 'very small quantities' that are often omitted. However, something labeled as vegan has more chances of being it than something not labelled as vegan.
  3. SnakeWitch
    Love your article. It's so true! I'm a label-reader as well and it's often very annoying.... I voted for you! Please check out my article 'Where to Shop' and vote for me too!
  4. TajemnaTemnota
    I ever read content befora I bough it or eat it. Because people just suck!
  5. Vegannie
    I love Whole Foods Market because their brand will say 'vegan' or 'vegetarian' if it is. I don't really bother reading labels anymore, I just stick to the stuff that says 'vegan' or is certified vegan by It makes my life so much easier, since lots of brands have yummy vegan goodies.
  6. steliwein
    Kroger is the best source to get all the Groceries. Take Krogers feedback survey and get some discount on your next visit to Krogers.


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