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Can You Serve Only Vegan Food At Your Wedding?
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Can You Serve Only Vegan Food At Your Wedding?

It’s your wedding so you’re right to assume that you should have the kind of event you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re vegan that would probably mean serving non-animal foods. But is this a good idea if most of your guests are not vegan? Yes, here are some tips to getting it right.

  • Notify Guests Beforehand

If you’ve set up a wedding website or Facebook page, it's the perfect platform to casually notify people about your food choices if you feel some guests would feel strongly about not having meat dishes served at your wedding. You could also express your reasons why the food is going to be vegan, such as that you want to have an ethical celebration. Most people would respect that. This can be a nice way of letting guests know what they can expect so that if they want, they can fill up on meat dishes before attending your wedding.

  • It’s Just One Meal 

You're not asking them to go vegan for a week or month, but just one meal. Besides, there’ll be plenty for them to eat, which brings us to the next important point:

  • Ensure The Food Is Wow

Make sure that the food you’re serving at the wedding is amazing. Give your guests a lot of creative and satisfying vegan foods they can choose from. Think of common foods people enjoy eating whether they’re vegan or not, such as pasta and delicious breads, and make sure that these are in large supply. You could also have food stations set up around the wedding where people can sample different vegan foods.

  • What About the Haters?  

Of course, you might find that there are some guests who disagree with your choice and feel that their tastes should have been accommodated, but you can’t control what people feel. You can only do what feels right for you and hope that they make the best of it. Besides, your guests should be there to share in the special event of your wedding, not just the food.



*photo credit Vegan Feast Catering via / CC BY




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