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Can Veganism Beat Diabetes Better than Medication?
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Can Veganism Beat Diabetes Better than Medication?

We regularly hear about the health benefits of veganism, but new research points to how it can actually help ease diabetes. Here’s the lowdown.

Researchers found that when people ate a vegetable-based diet, this decreased levels of a protein in their blood. This is something of great importance to people with diabetes because the more of that blood protein that exists in the body, the higher their chances of experiencing complications from diabetes.

But it’s more than just avoiding health complications. A healthier diet can help various aspects of diabetes. Instead of relying on medication to manage or even reverse diabetes, the study shows that a change in one’s diet can help to improve one’s blood sugar levels, zap cholesterol numbers and decrease one’s weight (remember that carrying excess weight around one’s middle is often a sure sign of diabetes). The big change diabetes patients should make to their diet is that of making it as plant-based as possible!

Vegetarian and vegan diets can be great for various health issues that also help one to better manage diabetes, such as high blood pressure, and they help to maintain a healthier heart. Since they’re also lower in calories, these lifestyle changes help one to lose weight while also making sure that glucose is absorbed into the blood at a much slower pace. This prevents spikes in blood sugar that can be dangerous for diabetes sufferers.

Of course, it doesn’t do anyone any good to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but commit other health sins. Along with eating more greens daily, a diet that contains small portion sizes and is low in sugar, salt and saturated fat, is also important as it contributes to one’s overall health and weight management, thus decreasing the harmful effects of diabetes.

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