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Can I Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet?
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Can I Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet?

Generally, people on a vegetarian diet are less susceptible to overweight than people opting for a diet containing meat. Research has revealed that adults and children following a vegetarian diet are in a better shape than non-vegetarians. This is due to the fact that a vegetarian diet has less saturated fat and includes more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and vegetable proteins. These foods contain less calories and lead to a pleasant feeling of satiety.

Vegetarian diets do not guarantee a weight loss

However, being on a vegetarian diet is not a guarantee for losing weight. If portions are outsized and meals contain too many calories, being a vegetarian won't contribute too much to the weight-losing process. Vegetarian beverages that do not contain animal products but high amounts of sugar or sweeteners are definitely a no-go when trying to lose weight just as much as snacks with too much salt and desserts with high quantities of fat and sugar. Hence, if we want lose weight as vegetarians, the same rules apply to us as to all the others that are working towards their ideal weight.

Fruits need to be chosen wisely

Not all fruits are suitable for losing weight. Fruits with a high amount of fiber are considered to be good as they contain vitamins and antioxidants which are important for your health. Some types of fresh fruits are high in sugars, however, and the human body does not distinguish natural sugars from artificial sugars in sweets which is why both types of sugar increase the amount of glucose in the blood. This should be avoided when attempting to lose weight.

The problem of high levels of glucose in our blood

Carbohydrates that we take in are converted into glucose (blood sugar) which represents our main source of energy. Our pancreas produces insulin, which is a hormone that transports glucose into our cells where it provides us with energy. Simple carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, lactose and glucose are quickly processed into glucose and lead to a surge of insulin. A surge of insulin results in blood sugar being transported out of our blood, into our cells for storage and leads to a sudden drop of blood sugar and insulin levels. The consequences are fatigue, hunger and the need for food with a high quantity of glucose. Processed foods also hide these types of sugar such as bread, ketchup, canned fruits, peanut butter and soups. Fat-free products often contain more sugar to make up for the lost flavor due to the lower level of fat.

To help us out in this jungle of sugars and no-gos for people wanting to lose weight, we need to learn about another substance: fiber.

The role of fiber

Fiber, particularly soluble fiber, slows down the absorption of sugar and improves blood sugar levels, which reduces the production of insulin and the storage of fat. In addition, food containing high quantities of fiber requires more chewing time which leads to a rapid onset of satiety. High-fiber diets generally contain fewer calories which is another advantage for people wanting to lose weight.

Vegetables that contain high quantities of fiber

  • asparagus
  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • cauliflower
  • celery
  • zucchini
  • lettuce
  • tomato

Fruits that contain high quantities of fiber

  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • raspberries

Other high-fiber foods

  • rye bread
  • multigrain bread
  • almonds
  • peanuts

Additional Health Tips for Losing Weight 

  • Opt for low-fat protein sources such as low-fat dairy, beans and other legumes
  • Limit highly sweetened foods and beverages Avoid frying food. Recommended cooking methods: steaming, boiling, grilling or roasting
  • Reduce calories. Nuts and oils are healthy but need to be consumed in moderation as they contain many calories. Sour cream, mayonnaise and salad dressing should be bought in the low-fat version. Even healthy fats, such as nuts, nut butters and oils, have calories that add up quickly.
  • Exercise regularly
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  1. Santiago
    of course, there is always a healthy way of doing everything, and with loosing weight it is not any different. Congratulations, great article!
  2. Tiagoz
    I have tried a low carb diet. It is a challenge but I lost the 7kg I wanted to lose. I didn't know about the importance of high fiber, however. Thanks for this informing article!
    1. Akanksha
      Definitely. I replaced my high carb breakfast with fruits and it worked! Fiber also keeps your bowel clean and reduces the urge of consuming between the meal snacks which mostly contain empty calories.
  3. Akanksha
    Good post Jennifer. I lost weight just by switching to fruits for breakfast everyday!
    1. Jennifer Madison
      Jennifer Madison
      thanks for your post AkankshaLal! :) yeah, fruits for breakfast are not only good for loosing weight but also delicious!
      1. Akanksha
        Yes, for a slow-metabolism person like me, they are a source of instant energy too!
  4. SnakeWitch
    Fruits are great for breakfast ... and only breakfast. The recommendation is to stay away from them for the rest of the day, stuffing ourselves with vegetables instead - as well as legumes, whole-grain bread, brown rice and anything else that isn't processed. Great article!
  5. Akanksha
    Congratulations for making it to the top posts :)
  6. Justnjoyable
    Vote no. 7! Thank you great article.
  7. Justnjoyable
    Vote no. 7! Thank you great article.
  8. Fifi Leigh
    Fifi Leigh
    yeah, my weakness is bread and nuts. i need to eat less of them.


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