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Can Animal Products Be as Toxic as Tobacco?
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Can Animal Products Be as Toxic as Tobacco?

Everyone is always stating that tobacco is dangerous to one’s health, and there are definitely health concerns that can be avoided by quitting the nasty smoking habit. However, consumption of animal products are providing people with the chance to acquire many diseases, too. Here are some interesting facts:  

  • 1. The excessive consumption of animal products has been linked to various ailments, such as cancer, strokes and heart disease. 
  • 2. Natural foods can actually decrease blood pressure. These include kiwis, watermelons, bananas and purple potatoes. Added to this, people who don’t eat meat have lower diabetes and obesity rates.
  • 3. The American Institute for Cancer Research has shown that approximately as much cancer is capable of being avoided just by exercise and proper diet as the amount which is a result of smoking cigarettes! That is scary stuff! 
  • 4. Research in Cell Metabolism showed that people of middle age who followed diets that were rich in animal-derived proteins found in cheese, meat and milk had more chance of getting cancer than those who consumed diets that were low in protein. 
  • 5. It’s not just cigarettes that are packed with dangerous toxins - burgers can be too! Cows are often fed with antibiotics when they are reared and these chemicals wind up in the bodies of whoever consumes the meat. Added to this, dairy and meat contain other nasties you don’t want in your body, such as saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • 6. You might think that what makes smoking more dangerous is that it is addictive, but so is dairy consumption. In her book, Main Street Vegan, Victoria Moran discusses the opiate-like qualities present in milk. Casein, a protein found in milk, becomes casomorphins, an opiod that is designed by nature to make young mammals want to be nursed again and again. The danger is that this gets into milk and dairy products consumed by people, which can make them addicted to it. 


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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