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Butter and Cream Shortage? Not for Vegans!
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Butter and Cream Shortage? Not for Vegans!

Last week we learned that Brits are facing the biggest shortage of butter and cream since World War Two thanks to low dairy milk supply – but what if we could still have butter and cream products, minus the dairy?

Vegans reject the use of animals for any purpose, and therefore do not consume meat, eggs, and dairy; but that doesn’t mean they can’t have butter and cream.

There are vegan versions of everything, and they are just as nice as the animal-based dishes. The shortage of butter and cream is likely to peak at Christmas with product prices soaring.

George Gill, Chief Executive at The Vegan Society, said: “Why overpay for butter and cream when you can have delicious vegan alternatives, free from animal suffering and better for the environment?

“Even as it stands now, vegan margarines are cheaper than butter made with animal ingredients – many butters are twice the price of your average vegan margarine.

“It’s certainly possible to have a traditional Christmas without animal products by simply replacing them with more compassionate, inexpensive vegan alternatives.”

Whether it’s in sandwiches or for creating dairy-free cakes, Flora, Pure, and Vitalite are some of the tasty dairy-free margarines registered with the Vegan Trademark. They make for a healthier alternative to butter, with Flora being 60% lower in saturated fat than its animal-based counterparts.

Provamel, Sojade, and Alpro soya creams can be used to thicken soups, pour on desserts or whipped just as you would with dairy cream. Dairy-free products are also much easier to digest due to the lack of lactose, which many people don’t naturally process that well.

Vegetarians and vegans were asked during World War Two to advise the nation on how to cook without eggs and dairy when there was a shortage of butter and cream – perhaps now they can do the same.

Image: Oatly (used with permission)

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