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Brush up on Why You Need Vegan Beauty Brushes
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Brush up on Why You Need Vegan Beauty Brushes

A good set of make-up brushes is an important part of your beauty routine. Brushes make your application much easier and the result of your look much more polished. However, you don’t want to be using brushes on your skin that are non-vegan. Here are some benefits of using vegan make-up brushes: 

  • 1. They’re Kinder to Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from an allergic reaction to animal hair, vegan brushes are a must for you. They also have a decreased tendency to build up bacteria which can lead to skin breakouts or irritation.

  • 2. They’re Animal-Friendly

Why should animals be harmed so that we can have make-up brushes? This is definitely not on! By using vegan brushes, you are not only more aware of what you’re pressing onto your skin but you're saving the animals, too. Animals such as horses and squirrels are killed for their hair and even if they are not murdered specifically for it, they can be trapped or hunted for what belongs to them - not us! 

  • 3. They Don’t Have to Be Planet-Unfriendly 

If you're an eco warrior, it might feel like you're only doing half a good deed if the vegan brushes contain fibres which are not biodegradable, such as nylon. The good news is that many vegan brush brands contain natural and organic ingredients, making them not just kind to animals but the environment in general.

  • 4. They’re Everywhere!

You really don’t have to look far to get yourself a set of vegan make-up brushes. Check out this list on Ecouterre that contains many brands offering animal-friendly tools to help you perfect your look. Some are downright luxurious! 

  • 5. They’re Cleaner

You might not know that your vegan make-up brushes can be easier to clean because of their synthetic 'hair' and they shed less, which makes them a dream to use. 


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. linda
    I'm loving synthetic brushes, as they tend to be cheaper and softer, but your commentary leaves out some other important facts on natural hair brushes. First, most natural hair brushes available to the general public are goat hair brishes, and the goat is not harmed in the making of the brushes. Similar to how sheep are sheared, natural brushes are pretty sustainable in the way that they are made without chemicals or synthetic processing or even hurting the animal. Seldom do animals get killed through the making of brushes, especially for cosmetic uses because the demand is so low (and the market is currently flooded with synthetic taklon brushes). Also, its important to note that natural hair brushes, like synthetic brushes, last long if taken care of, and both types of brushes are capable of harboring irritating bacteria; so clean your brushes after use, especially the ones for cream and liquid.


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