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Brush Up! What You Need to Know About Natural Toothpaste
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Brush Up! What You Need to Know About Natural Toothpaste

There are many chemicals present in your regular brand of toothpaste and these can be bad for your health. Fluoride, for instance, has been linked to health issues such as thyroid problems and accumulates in the brain’s pineal gland that is responsible for, amongst other things, fighting off free radical damage to cells. Scary stuff, huh? There are more natural ways to keep your teeth clean.

That said, it’s good to take online recipes for making your own toothpaste with a pinch of salt. Baking soda is an ingredient commonly listed in these recipes, but it is not healthy to clean your teeth with it every day as it can be abrasive and cause damage to enamel. Once in a while is fine, but you’ll need something a little gentler if you are going to be using it at least twice a day.

Here are some good finds that will get the job of cleaning your teeth done without any harmful effects:

This toothpaste has natural ingredients and essential oils that freshen breath while leaving your teeth clean. It has no fluoride, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, dyes or gluten. You can choose from flavors such as mint and liquorice.

This toothpaste is refreshing and anti-bacterial, but doesn’t contain parabens, fluoride or Triclosan (which is often used in anti-germ products but is unhealthy for the body).

Always read the ingredients of natural toothpaste as some might contain substances that you don’t want in your mouth. Examples include glycerine - make sure it is vegetable-derived - and propolis, which is taken from beehives. Some organic toothpaste might not foam but this does not mean they are not cleaning your teeth. Rather, it just signifies that they do not contain detergents!

Brighten Up!

Everyone wants whiter, sparkling teeth. You can whiten your teeth naturally with the following tips:

  • 1. Strawberries 

Model Tyra Banks tried this trick and other celebrities have also claimed that they use strawberries to make their pearly whites brighter. Simply mash up a few strawberries and rub the mixture onto your teeth, then rinse it off.

  • 2. Olive Oil 

This is good for your health regardless so there’s nothing to lose by trying it on your teeth. Place a few drops of olive oil onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth.

  • 3. Brush After Eating

Foods and drinks stain your teeth because they settle into them. It’s really just like any other stain - you want to get rid of it before it becomes stubborn. It’s a good idea to brush your teeth well after meals so that you get rid of any substance that is in your mouth, especially if you’re a big coffee drinker! Caffeine is a common culprit of stains on your teeth.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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