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Boost Your Beauty Regime with Essential Oils
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Boost Your Beauty Regime with Essential Oils

Essential oils have been known for their healing properties, but if you’re not using them in your beauty regime, then you’re missing out!

What’s your beauty problem? Before you rush out to purchase the latest product off the shelves that claims to be miraculous, realize that you might be able to use natural essential oils to achieve more glowing looks.

Essential oils should always be diluted before being placed on your skin because of their strength. You can water them down with what is known as a carrier oil, and there are many different types of carrier oils to choose from, such as sunflower, Vitamin E, jojoba, and almond.

  • 1. Stronger Nails 

Brittle nails are never fun, especially when you’ve just got a manicure and they wind up looking shoddy the minute you use your hands. Mix a few drops of lemon essential oil, myrrh and frankincense with Vitamin E oil. Rub this blend into your fingernail cuticles twice a week and watch them strengthen!

Beauty Tip: When using an essential oil for the first time, always make sure you do a skin test. This involves tapping the oil onto the inside of your arm and noticing what happens to that patch of skin after 24 hours. If it burns, goes red or itches, don’t use the product again.

  • 2. Gorgeous Skin 

Bergamot is a must-have for various skin treatments because it is packed with beneficial anti-viral qualities. If you have oily skin or skin impurities, bergamot essential oil can come to the rescue. However, avoid using bergamot if you are spending lots of time in the sun and remember to slap on the sunscreen if this cannot be avoided! (Bergamot makes your skin more sensitive to the golden rays.) Another important essential oil to use for skin is rose oil. It repairs those annoying broken capillaries which can make the skin look old, while decreasing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Run a bath that contains two drops of rose oil and you’ll get smoother skin immediately when you step out of it.

  • 3. Shiny, Healthy Hair 

Eucalyptus can be a great oil to use on your scalp because it not only makes you feel restored due to its fresh smell, but a few drops can help to encourage blood flow to your hair cuticles. You can mix it with your daily shampoo to make your hair shinier and give it more volume.

Beauty Tip: On medication but thinking about using essential oils? Check with your doctor first. Some essential oils can conflict with the medicine you’re taking. For example, using lavender oil can calm you after a stressful day, but if you take sleeping tablets at night the oil could increase the pills’ strength! It’s also a must to consult with your doctor before using oils if you are pregnant or have a health condition.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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