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Big Boost To Vegan Numbers In The UK
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Big Boost To Vegan Numbers In The UK

Although being vegan can sometimes feel difficult or lonely, especially when you're surrounded by meat eaters, it's good to know that the number of people becoming vegan is on the rise. That's what's happening in Britain in a big way.   According to a poll conducted by leading market research company, Ipsos MORI(for the Vegan Society and Vegan Life magazine), in Britain the number of vegans has increased by 360 percent in the last decade! What this means is that there are currently more than half a million vegans living in Britain.

What's the reason for the increase of vegans?  


  • It could be down to vegan diets being healthier for people. Of course, this isn't always true for every vegan - you might not be eating animal products but consuming lots of sugar or processed foods, which certainly isn't healthy - but in theory a vegan diet is highly nutritious because it is plant-based and therefore filled with fibre and vitamins.


  • Positive consequences of a vegan diet for the environment can also be causing the trend. If more people eat plant-based foods, there will be less demand for meat. The meat industry is not only disastrous for animals that get killed but also for global warming. A report released by the United Nations found that rearing cattle causes more greenhouse gases than driving cars. 


  • Celebrities who have embraced the vegan lifestyle have also had a positive influence on the public, perhaps especially regarding the youth, which makes the trend seem much more desirable. 


  • People are becoming aware of animal wellbeing. The study also found that it's not just diets that are becoming vegan but lifestyles in general. Over 850,000 vegans and vegetarians refrain from using animal products such as wool and leather. We are a society that has access to more information about how animals are mistreated, which is enough to put many people off using animal products in any form. 




*Photo credit: iwona_kellie via / CC BY-NC-SA



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