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Beyoncé's Vegan Announcement Leaves Bitter Taste in Fans’ Mouths  
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Beyoncé's Vegan Announcement Leaves Bitter Taste in Fans’ Mouths  

Recently on the Good Morning America show, singer and vegan Beyoncé spoke about her vegan diet, which is called The 22 Day Revolution. She has been promoting this diet in the media for months but now did it all over again. Yeah, you’re not imagining that this isn’t news! It’s all been told to us before and the singer’s announcement not only fell flat but caused uproar.

  • Fans Have Beef with the Star 

People got annoyed that the singer released information about herself that they already knew, which resulted in them - and some celebrities - taking to social media to vent their annoyance. The main reason for the negative reaction is that the announcement created lots of anticipation, with the idea being that Beyoncé was going to inform people of something amazing. Some irate fans took to littering the singer's Instagram account with various unhealthy food and meat emojis, such as burgers and drumsticks. Others were claiming that they expected better news from the star, such as that concerning a new album or tour - not repeated information about her vegan diet.

  • Vegan Gimmick? 

By making such an announcement over a vegan diet that the world already knew about, stars like Beyoncé are turning the positive action of choosing a vegan lifestyle into a media gimmick to attract attention. The announcement has also made people express their views of the star being a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to her vegan lifestyle. For instance, although Beyoncé is proud to be following and promoting her vegan diet, she has not given up her fur-wearing ways. It seems that her vegan diet is really about her own nutrition and wellbeing, rather than that of the animals or environment. It’s time some celebrities stopped using veganism as a way of promoting themselves without focusing on the environmental or moral aspect of such a valuable lifestyle, because fans are seeing right through it.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0) by Ana y María Quintana y González



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