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Beu-Tea-Full Gardens
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Beu-Tea-Full Gardens

Want lots and lots of yummy veggies and fruits, and gorgeous blossoms? Try using vegan manure tea.

Using manure tea to grow flowers, vegetables and fruit isn't a new idea. Traditional manure tea uses the droppings of rabbits, cows, chickens, bats (guano), horses, sheep and other herbivorous pets or livestock. The tea is made by soaking the droppings in water and using the water to irrigate your plants.

Traditional manure tea contains lots and lots of nitrogen, which produces insane amounts of greens, while helping roots to absorb nutrients. Because of this, it's a great option for lettuce, spinach, kale and other above-ground veggies but not so great for root crops like carrots, beets or radishes.

Vegan manure tea is made from fruit and vegetable scraps. NItrogen, phosphorous and potassium levels in vegan manure tea tend to be more balanced, creating potential for growth and ideal absorption in roots and leaf growth.  Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, in that order,  are the three numbers you see on the labels of plant food.

Nitrogen is for the green growth, helping plants to produce lots of leaves and top growth.

Phosphorus helps the plant to develop a strong root structure.

Potassium creates large, gorgeous blooms, which in turn create amazing fruits and vegetables. Potassium also helps to create a strong plant overall.

Providing nutrients for your plants not only helps to strengthen your plants, but using organic and vegan sources of nutrients also supports healthy soil, which in turn contributes to a healthy environment by feeding earthworms, beneficial microbes and insects.

What to use in your vegan manure tea:

Just about any leftover parts of fruits and vegetables can be used.  Large pits from avocadoes or mangoes won't grind well in the blender (we'll talk about the blender part next), so those should be discarded.  Anything that has been microwaved or overcooked has lost its nutrient value so isn't an ideal ingredient.

The best ingredients are raw fruit or vegetable peels, leftover salad, any raw fruit or vegetable that is bruised or past its prime. To ensure the best quality vegan manure tea, make sure the scraps you use are organic. 

Place the peelings and scraps ito a good auality blender, add water and blend to a smooth mixture.  Pour the mixture out and add more water so that the mixture will pour easily over your plants.  Roses, tomatoes, fruit trees and peppers love vegan manure tea. An added bonus to using vegan manure tea over traditional is that the fiber in the pureed plants adds tilth to the ground.

Tilth is texture, body--the character of the soil that keeps the soil vibrant and alive, creating a healthy ecosystem for beetles, worms, beneficial microbes and other creatures that make for a thriving environment for you, your plants and all the creatures you share your space with.

I use vegan manure tea 3 - 4 times a week in the spring and summer, when plants are developing and producing most of their growth. I hope you can see how easy and beneficial it is to create your own vegan manure tea.

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  1. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    What a great article! We just posted it to our Facebook page.
    1. slverkriss
      Wow, thank you! I'm honored.
  2. BuddhasDelight
    grrreat info. thank you. congrats on top posts. voted. this is such a great idea! now i know another thing to do with the leftover plant fibers after extractor juicing! cheers. :)
    1. slverkriss
      Thanks! I learned it years ago when I bought a Vitamix.
  3. Granny Smith
    Granny Smith
    This is very interesting information. I have been using chicken and rabbit pup for years now in my garden but do not make it into a liquid as you have suggested. I collect egg shells from my neighbors to use in my orchids. Thank you for sharingthis wonderful solution for the garden.


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