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5 Fantastic Smartphone Apps for Vegans
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5 Fantastic Smartphone Apps for Vegans

No matter if you’re just starting out your vegan lifestyle or have been vegan for decades, it’s sometimes hard to avoid all animal products or even know what does or does not have them. This is especially true if your non-vegan friends want to go out to eat or shop. Fortunately, there are several great apps that make it easier than ever before to live consciously, kindly, and vegan!

Happy Cow:

Available for Android and iOS devices, the Happy Cow guide contains listings of restaurants that offer vegetarian and vegan dinings. It features an interactive map, phone numbers and website listings, so you can check out any vegan options that are located close to your home or anywhere else that you're planning to go. Handy filters allow you to narrow down the choices using a number of distinct criteria. You can write reviews and read what others have to say about particular restaurants in order to find an excellent place to eat. The Happy Cow app costs $2.99.


The Cruelty-Free app doesn't cost anything and is available to users running iOS or Android. It contains a list of firms located in the United States and Canada that eschew testing on animals. You can search companies by name or by category. It's possible to scan the barcodes of products you're thinking of buying to look up the manufacturers in the Cruelty-Free database. The app contains information gleaned from the Leaping Bunny program; however, users report that the database is not complete and is missing a few businesses that are, in fact, cruelty-free.

Is It Vegan?:

With the Is It Vegan app, you can scan a UPC code from any food product. After a few seconds, the app will tell you if the item is vegan or not. It will also give you an analysis of all the ingredients, letting you know which of them are vegan and which are not. If you don't have the bar code handy, you can search for the food by name or look up a specific ingredient. Is It Vegan is free and is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.


VeganXpress is a guide to vegan foods that are available at popular fast food restaurants. It's easy to find vegan menu options that you might otherwise be unaware of. You can seek out restaurants that cater to the public at large, including your non-vegan friends and relatives, but that nevertheless serve a few dishes compatible with your dietary preferences. There's also a list of alcoholic beverages and snack foods that are vegan-friendly. VeganXpress is available for $1.99 and runs on iOS devices.

All Things Tofu:

Tofu is one of the most versatile and well-regarded vegan foods. With the All Things Tofu app by Nasoya, you can find out almost everything you could want to know about tofu. There are recipes and videos showing step-by-step instructions, allowing novices to get started preparing a few simple dishes. Experienced tofu lovers will also find more involved or complex recipes to suit their level of knowledge. The app contains advice on where to buy and how to properly prepare tofu. All Things Tofu is completely free and runs on Android and iOS.

As with many things in the modern world, living the lifestyle you want becomes more practical with various uses of technology. Your smartphone can do anything from tasks as simple as keeping time and making calls to more complex ones like controlling your lights, thermostat, and security system — so it’s no wonder apps that help you eat vegan are so readily available to practically everyone. With the resources described above, you won't need to struggle to be vegan in the 21st century!


Image From Jason Howle/Flickr's Creative Commons

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