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Beneficial Exercises For Vegan Couples
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Beneficial Exercises For Vegan Couples

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this is the perfect time to head to the gym for a workout. Research indicates that exercising together adds happiness to your relationship and strengthens your emotional bond. Individually, you will experience a boost in performance as you do your routines, and this will undoubtedly bring you one step closer to attaining your fitness goals. As a couple, you will benefit from encouraging and supporting each other to achieve wellness and health goals. Exercising and sharing nutritious vegan meals with the love of your life should be celebrated each day of the year, not only on Valentine’s Day. This is why we have devised a five-step instruction guide to working out with that special person in your life. Following this routine for just a few days is guaranteed to improve all areas of your life. Do not say you were not warned.

Have a snack before a workout

Without a doubt, sharing food is the best sign of love. As such, before you and your loved one set out for the gym, make a simple pre-workout fresh fruit snack, for example, sliced apples and bananas and mixed with a handful of dates. These fruits nourish the body with the type of vegan carbohydrates that are required to sustain your workout without leaving you feeling lethargic.

High-five push-ups

The tried and tested push-up remains far and away one of the best methods of acquiring a ripped physique using your bodyweight. Even though push-ups are normally considered to be a solo workout, you can turn them into a partner exercise. You need to face one another and perform synchronized push-ups while being separated by a distance of an arm’s length. After doing each push up (at the point where you are in the starting position), stretch one arm straight outwards and high-five each other. Perform as many sit-ups as possible together and build up that number with time.

Squat, rotate, pass

Just like push-ups, a workout cannot be complete without including several sets of squats. After standing back-to-back together with your partner, drop down into a low squatting position. With a medicine ball held to your chest, rotate using your torso and pass the ball over to your partner. Next, your partner should hold the ball before rotating the other way to hand the ball back to you on the other side. Repeat this workout ten to twelve times (repetitions) and then switch directions.

Swimming stretches

You cannot develop six-pack abs using crunches only (this is where you need your vegan diets). Swimming stretches will make your core, glutes, hamstrings and lower back stronger. You and your partner need to lie on the floor on your bellies, with outstretched arms and facing one another. Raise your chests, heads, arms and legs while your hands are placed over your partner’s. Using each other’s pressure and rhythm, paddle your legs and arms together using a swimming movement for sixty-second sets.

Beach towel row

This is an excellent workout that you and your partner can do even though there is no gym near you. For starters, both of you need to sit on the ground, facing one another with legs outstretched and feet touching. With your knees bent and backs straight, both of you should hold one side of a beach towel. While one person is pulling one side, the other one should release the towel slowly, at the count of three. Change directions and do this to and fro for ten to fifteen repetitions and three sets. This is a great exercise for your biceps and backs, and it can be done just about anywhere.

After a workout, have another snack

After you have completed these sets, mix two almond butter chocolate vegan-based protein shakes to ensure that you have replenished the nutrients that were burned during the exercises. You can change this recipe to either develop lean muscle or load on mass-depending on your personal fitness goals. But the main ingredients remain more or less the same.

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