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Ben Gordon Shares His Slimming Secret
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Ben Gordon Shares His Slimming Secret

During the final weeks of the last NBA season, a typical daily meal plan of Ben Gordon included oatmeal, pasta, smoothies, juice, avocados, and textured vegetable protein. The British-American professional basketball player followed the plan until the initial phase of the current season.

Gordon’s existing meal plan allows him to eat animal protein. However, even now, he switches to a 100% vegetarian diet from time to time.

Gordon changed his eating habits to stay agile and sharp and boost his chances of getting picked for his current team Golden State Warriors. The Warriors had their first practice session of the ongoing season recently and Gordon, who now possesses a much leaner body than last season, participated in it.

While explaining why he decided to change his food habit, the basketball veteran said that when a guy starts getting older he needs to look for ways that will keep him active. He said that he became a vegetarian for a few months as he felt that eliminating meat from his daily meal will make his body better equipped to play a demanding sport like basketball.

Gordon added that when trying new things he always listens to his body and doesn’t stop himself from making necessary adjustments. For instance, he knows that being an athlete he should always consume sufficient protein and a vegetarian diet often has low protein content. So, he decided to become an on-and-off vegetarian.  

In the first five seasons as a professional basketball player, Gordon scored between 15 and 22 points on average. The 2006-07 NBA season saw Gordon at his best. He had an average of 21.4 points during that season. This was the time when opponents tagged him as the most intimidating outside threat.

Things started to change for Gordon in 2009. His scoring average started to drop and he also began facing several health issues. The last season has been the worst ever for him. In 56 games for Orlando Magic, he averaged just 14 minutes and 6.2 points.

The drastic drop in form indicated that Gordon needs to modify his lifestyle and food habit and he did so pretty promptly.

During the final six weeks of the last NBA season, he followed a vegetarian diet plan. The results were amazing. The new diet cleansed his system and lifted his energy level significantly; it also allowed him to lose weight.

When Gordon was listed for the 2014-15 NBA season, he weighed 200 pounds. The decision of changing food habit temporarily allowed him to lose 15 pounds. Gordon got back the lean body he used to have during his high school days.

After following the new diet plan until July, 2015, Gordon started eating meat again. He had to do so to meet his body’s protein requirement. However, this change has not reduced the vigor he gained by becoming a vegetarian for a few months.

Gordon’s current diet plan includes animal protein, but even now he turns into a vegetarian from time to time. This helps him stay vigorous and healthy.

Due to his disappointing performance during the 2014-15 NBA season, Gordon got dropped by Magic. The Warriors signed him on a make-good contract, but didn’t give any assurance of including him in the final five.

Gordon, however, is happy to be a part of the Golden State Warriors, the current NBA champions. He knows that the situation is really challenging for him and is ready to take his chances.

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