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Bear Grylls' Cruelty Toward Animals
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Bear Grylls' Cruelty Toward Animals

Bear Grylls is the last person I thought would be associated with animal cruelty (and not just because of his first name). The TV personality and adventurer has become the target of animal activist wrath because of something that happened on his reality show,  'The Island.'

  • Killing a Sleeping Pig 

There was a scene in a recent episode of the show in which some of the hungry women happened upon a sleeping pig and then killed it. What’s even more saddening is that this isn’t the first time this has happened on the show. There have been two other pigs that were shamefully slaughtered. When asked about the incidents of cruelty against animals, the show’s producers dug their own graves further by confessing that the pigs were especially brought into the show so that the reality TV show contestants could hunt and kill them. Err, is this necessary?

  • An 'Accidental' Crocodile Killing? 

Recently, a crocodile was also murdered on the show, this time by the group of men. However, the incident was later written up as an 'accident' due to how the producers later said that the contestants were not aware that they had killed a crocodile which is protected by the Endangered Species Act. However, surely the animal should not have been killed even if it weren’t under such protection?

  • Should Animals Be Killed for Entertainment?  

Bear Grylls has been focused on ensuring that the contestants are kept safe, such as by having enough water, and being surrounded by indigenous animals that they can hunt and kill. One of the new rules has been that animals such as pigs are going to be brought onto the island for them. Basically, the producers are ensuring the contestants’ safety but not that of the animals. It’s not just the killing of the poor animals that is an issue but also the outright shocking way in which they have been used for human entertainment: to feed people who have chosen to appear on a reality show. And yet these are real lives that are being disposed of for no good reason! Since this has come out into the light, PETA has stated that the producers of the show, one of them being Grylls, should be arrested.



*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons (CC by 2.0) taken by Lwp Kommunikáció


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  1. Support
    Sad news! Thanks for keeping us posted Giulia!
  2. Alison Page
    Alison Page
    Great article! I've watched a few of these programmes and was appalled at what I saw. I couldn't understand why the people on the island were 'starving' when there were plenty of edibles like yams and coconuts that they could eat. I also found it extremely distasteful to watch those poor piglets that had actually been treated as pets being so callously butchered! Bear Grylls is a self-proclaimed survival expert - he was only ever in the TA, not even the real armed forces!
  3. lorraine
    I had a feeling this type of thing was going to happen as it often does in these type of reality survival shows. Exactly why I chose not to watch it. It is totally disgusting to kill an animal just as a part of entertainment. What did this teach the people about survival - nothing. If they were in a real survival situation there would have been no pig to kill. How and when will the majority of humans decide that killing is wrong while it is publically praised by occurring in these types of shows? I can also no longer watch I'm a Celebrity get me out of here in the UK as I find the eating 'bush tucker trial' a similar abuse of animals for entertainment. :(
  4. Rhonda
    I find this to be most disturbing. Have we learned nothing from reality TV? It's trash and this sort of behavior just adds to the degradation of society. This will not win Bear Grylls any Brownie points. In fact I will not watch his show or any show that condones animal killing.


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