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Banana Chai Smoothie
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Banana Chai Smoothie

Prep Time: 5 minutes

This is a great way to use tea if you have steeped it too long, which is something that I often do. Spiced masala chai compliments bananas quite well, and is similar to a pumpkin pie, except with banana and not pumpkin.

Like a lot of smoothies, this recipe can be prepared in no time, and is great for a breakfast on the go, or as a snack.

2 cups strong masala chai

1 ripe banana

¼ cup oatmeal

sugar to taste (or substitute with dates)

Blend all ingredients until smooth. When you open the blender lid, you will inhale the beautiful masala scent and will want to sip on this all day.



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Akanksha
    wow...I never thought of mixing bananas with chai Looks like fun!
  2. Sue St Clair
    Sounds delicious! I will try this one :)
  3. Anita Vegana
    This definitely sounds good. I voted. Please stop by my article, Hearty, Wholesome Vegan Bread, and vote if you like it.
  4. Veganara
    Voted, although you are already on Top Posts! This sounds delciously unusual. For another drink recipe you might like, check out my latest post for Mulled Xmas Cider, thanks! :-)


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