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Australian Organics
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Australian Organics

The other week I was browsing in an unlikely store, The Reject Shop, when I came across something I definitely wouldn't class as "rejected"; a few products from the Australian Organics range. My heart skipped a beat as my fellow vegans can sympathise with at having found such a gem while not searching for one. 

I quickly snapped up two bottles; one a shower gel and the other a body exfoliant scrub. That night a battle ensnared inside my mind as for which to use first. Being the beginning of winter and well, lets be honest, our skin isn't as nice as it was a few months ago, I went with the exfoliant.

The Australian Organics brand is very eco-conscious. Their pack is strewn with vegan and eco certifications as well as being carbon neutral; what more could us humble vegans want? The product itself was something else however. The 'exfoliating body scrub' was scented with 'mountain pepper, wattle seed with cinnamon, elemi and ylang ylang' and it was AMAZING! It left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised in that nice clean way and it smelt so good. The scrub itself wasn't a hard course grain, but what I imagine to be the texture of a ground up walnut shell, which is exactly what the bottle states upon checking.

A few days later I used the 'shower gel' which was infused with 'wild rosella flower, desert peach, spearmint, lemon and grapefruit' and it was just as spectacular. It had a smooth, ever slightly gelatenous texture and a very pleasant scent. 

I have seen this brand in Woolworths and Coles in the past but rarely since, however still rate them very highly as a company and as a quality product.


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  1. Carolyn
    Thanks for the info and welcome to the Flaming Vegan! I had not heard of Australian Organics, but will be looking for the product now. Vote #2!
    1. Melissa Robinson
      Melissa Robinson
      Thank you Carolyn :) It seems like a very lovely community to be a part of. I had always assumed before actually looking closer that the brand was one of those companies that portray themselves as sustainable and vegan but really aren't, boy was I wrong :) Thank you for your vote!


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