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Are you getting your sleep?
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Are you getting your sleep?

We are all trying to rework our eating habits so that we don’t harm other animals. We also need to develop habits so that we don’t harm ourselves.

After an invariably 18-hour active day, it is quite common to experience fatigue, anxiety, depression, dark circles under the eyes, or puffy eyes. From the moment we wake up we have to fix the meals, tend to the house, fulfill our work commitments, follow our passions, and socialize; the list is endless. Chaotic frenzy huh!

Have you ever wished you had more hours to your day? Well, we really cannot do much about the number of hours in a day. But we sure can do something to reorganize our day in order to become more efficient and lead a healthy life.

While we are working on developing healthy eating habits, we should also try to add a good sleep regimen. Yes, as difficult and pithy as it sounds, it really does wonders to your body, mind and soul. What is important is that we adopt a sound sleep regimen. Yes, a regimen. This means we try to get to bed at around the same time every night. An early dinner would help in achieving this. 7-8 hours of sleep is generally recommended for maximum benefits.

I know this might mean giving up on our favorite late night TV show or chat with friends. But a little bit of reorienting will help your body recuperate physically and mentally from the work load of the day. With a healthy sleep regimen you will feel fresh and totally revived when you wake up. You will start seeing your productivity rise in all spheres. It helps the body heal ailments. It is said that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Sleep is an antidote to fatigue and tiredness. A good sleep regimen will give you a healthy mind and a healthy body. And those dark circles under your eyes will disappear just magically!


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  1. Carolyn
    Congrats for making Top Posts Roopam Singh!
    1. Roopam
      Thanks Carolyn!
  2. Spanglish
    This is great advice, I really need to follow xo
    1. Roopam
      Thank you for reading and commenting! Its the simple steps which can make a lot of difference!
  3. pftsusan
    Sleep is important. You got my vote.
    1. Roopam
      Thank you pftsusan!
  4. Fifi Leigh
    Fifi Leigh
    yeah, i need to sleep early. i am back to my old sleeping habits, sleeping late and waking up late, which messes up my early morning gym workout. this year started out slow for me, and i need to reschedule my life to better habits before crazy things occur.


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