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Feeding Your Vegan Little: Are You MEATing His Needs?
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Feeding Your Vegan Little: Are You MEATing His Needs?

One frustrating thing about children is they tend to follow examples, not advice. But that can also a very reassuring thing, depending on how you look at it. The hard truth? Adults, you better shape up. It's going to be up to you to practice what you preach, and set a good dietary example. Want to reduce or eliminate meat from kid's plate? You'll have to follow suit for your child’s sake. Childhood obesity is becoming one of the most pressing health problems in world, particularly in urban areas. Households are flooded with big brand advertising and meat-filled fast food ads through from television, billboards, radio, and internet, luring adults and children alike with the glamour of the “good life” and quick satisfaction. A whole new generation of obese and depressed children rises up around us.

Concerned and often panic-stricken parents are known to lead their overweight children through tenacious crash diets. This practice often only leaves these children even more depressed, craving even more comfort food to satisfy their emotional aches and pains. A great way to change the script  for your family is to begin incorporating a whole-foods vegetarian diet with an emphasis on raw fruits, nuts, sprouts, and vegetables. Many delicious vegan foods are naturally low in fat. So, your little ones can have the time of their lives gorging on these healthy treats, and quantity and calorie restrictions are often unnecessary.

Animal products have much more unhealthy fat than whole plant-based food. Particularly, animal products contain trans-fats, which wreak havoc on human health. These animal-based foods raise bad cholesterol levels, increasing the risks of Heart Disease, Stroke and Type-2 diabetes. Thus, the extra pounds of childhood obesity often start children on the path of health problems that were once confined to adults. Plant-based diets often can contain zero trans-fats, remain low in energy density and high in complex carbohydrates, fiber and water. This increases satiety without stuffing the body with unnecessary calories, fats, or toxins.

In short, set examples. Fill your own plate with freshly cut bright colorful fruits and vegetables. Colors have a tremendous appeal to children. Let your child’s senses and natural sensibilities be flooded with what is pure and healthy. You owe it to you both.


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  1. Amanda Arredondo
    There are too many overweight children, I was one of them! Being vegan turned my life around for the better and now I am healthy and happy :)


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