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Are You Ready for a Vegan Lifestyle?
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Are You Ready for a Vegan Lifestyle?

Well, let us face it. All of us are not born in vegan or even vegetarian families. We need to take a decision based on the knowledge we receive and the way we feel. For some it is compassion towards animals for others it is for a healthy diet or even weight loss. Some are blessed to be born in vegan families and so do not even know how eating meat feels. Well to the tongue – delicious. To the stomach- not that good.

Are you are a non-vegetarian who loves what he or she eats, looking for a reason to switch to vegan lifestyle? First and most evident change that you will feel in yourself is a surge of energy. Remember? That is the reason why we eat food. Whether veg or non-veg, if you are eating food for pleasure, it is doing no good to your body.

There is nothing in the non-vegetarian diet which is even comparable to the way you feel after having a fresh organic fruit juice. I have just started consuming organic food partially and there is a difference in everything that I eat. I can feel the healthiness in everything. I can feel the way it is supposed to be.

You don't have to rush into it. Give it some time. Let the thought sink into your mind. Do not give up meat but try some quality food free from chemicals and preservatives. If you know it is healthy, try it. Eat more of it. Reserve one meal a week (or a day as it suits you) for fresh organic and healthy food. You can go for it if it feels good. Slowly you will fall in love with it.

Ask all the vegans here that used to eat meat before. Do they miss it? What we eat today does not matter as much. We all have the choice to be healthy and switch to a Vegan lifestyle.


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