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Apple Cider Vinegar: An Amazing Product You Probably Aren't Using
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Apple Cider Vinegar: An Amazing Product You Probably Aren't Using

In the quest to become healthy and fit, we usually turn to protein shakes, expensive supplements from our local GNC, and countless hours within the gym. What if there were an ingredient that could be used to burn fat, increase our metabolism and help us in the journey to become the best version of ourselves? Apple Cider Vinegar may be the product that we're looking for but most of us haven't thought of using. This article will showcase the amazing health benefits and nutritional information you need to transform your lifestyle and your body in the months to come. 

Blood Sugar Regulation

One of the ways that the cider can be used to combat certain ailments within the body is the effective means in which it regulates blood sugar. Carol Johnston--a scientists working at the University of Arizona--further examined the beneficial nature that Apple Cider Vinegar had on individuals with type-2 Diabetes and how it impacted their lives. Surprisingly, the study concluded that regular usage of the cider helped patients suffering with this ailment by reducing their blood sugar levels. Although Apple Cider Vinegar usage varies depending on the person in question, one thing is for sure: diabetics can use this product as a means to control their lives. 

Go Away, Bacteria!

As we partake in various activities and adventures in our lives, we're bound to attract harmful pathogens along the way. Pathogens, in simple terms, are collections of harmful particles defined as a virus, bacteria or substance that can produce unwanted symptoms within our body. Common ailments like the flu, Pneumonia, and fever are a result of these pathogens infiltrating our body without being expelled.

Apple Cider Vinegar contains powerful acid-based nutrients that help penetrate the system and remove these unwanted intruders within our body. In fact, Hippocrates--a Greek doctor and prominent figure that died in 370 BC--was renown for using Apple Cider Vinegar as a means of maintaining a healthy body and cleaning the sores and wounds of his patients. Following his belief, many of us still use the cider as a means of cleaning physical items as well as our internal workings. 

Appetite Suppressant

The hardest part of losing weight and getting in shape is kicking away our eating habits that no longer serve or benefit us in our long-term goal of being physically fit. A part of that process is controlling our urge to eat unhealthy foods and drink items that are loaded with sugar and calories. Where Apple Cider Vinegar comes in, however, is with its ability to curb our cravings and help us feel satiated for longer periods of time.

Adding the vinegar to, say, a salad is a great way of boosting the flavor of your meal while reducing the abundance of hunger cravings later in the day. Similarly, studies have shown that when we eat a meal with large amounts of complex carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, Apple Cider Vinegar will increase the duration of feeling full. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

Now that you understand the importance of Apple Cider Vinegar uses, how can you incorporate it in an organic way? The easiest method of introduction, for most users, is by adding it onto a salad or vegetable. Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for years as a means of increasing the taste of healthy fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be dull and bland to the pallet. Users can also add one to two tablespoons of vinegar into their smoothies and shakes to boost flavor and reap health benefits.

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