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The Increase of Crayfish Theft as Seafood Prices Rise
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The Increase of Crayfish Theft as Seafood Prices Rise

A man in Cape Town, South Africa, was recently nabbed with over 1000 crayfish tails and 491 crayfish in his car by policemen who spotted a suspicious-looking vehicle and though to check it out. The bundles in the man's car were worth an approximate street value of ZAR 100,000 - which is about $10,000.

  • Why are People Stealing Crayfish?

This is not an isolated incident. Recently, another man - this time from Melbourne, Australia - was also busted stealing crayfish. After being seen waving a live crayfish around, police discovered that he had stolen the crustacean from a tank in a restaurant and they arrested him, later charging him with animal cruelty. On a larger scale than such incidents, the Wall Street Journal states that crayfish poaching is becoming a serious problem. What makes people want to steal crayfish, though? Blame the need for greed. Since crayfish prices have been on the rise and more people are becoming interested in them, criminals are using these opportunities to steal and sell these expensive animals. 

  • Crayfish Feel Pain! 

An interesting study has found that crayfish feel anxious just like humans do. A team of French researchers tested this out by putting the crayfish in difficult situations. They discovered that the crayfish became more cautious when they sensed potential risks and their nervous systems were shown to react in a way that is similar to humans. 

  • Animal Cruelty 

Incidents of people stealing crayfish also brings to light the common practice of how lobsters and crayfish are mistreated in restaurants and some kitchens, being boiled so that they can be eaten. People feel enraged when foie gras is on menus, but what makes it okay for crustaceans to be kept in tanks or fridges until they are ready to be tortured, such as by being boiled, so that people can eat them? All of this causes unnecessary pain and anxiety to beautiful, mysterious animals that should be allowed to live their lives.  

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