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Another KFC Meat Scandal!
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Another KFC Meat Scandal!

In South Africa, popular restaurant fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has been thrown into the fray after shocking pictures of what they do to chicken meat has gone viral.

  • Snap, Now You're in Trouble! 

The pictures were snapped by a university student and reveals people cleaning pieces of raw chicken in what looks to be a yard. One of the men involved is hosing down a piece of chicken with a hosepipe on a dirty concrete floor. This took place at a KFC branch located in the region of Braamfontein. 

  • Is This What We Eat?

After people began sharing the image, naturally questions and outrage were on display. People were worried that this was chicken that would later find its way into recipes and meals. The company delivered a statement saying that the chicken seen in the images was not meant for consumption. However, they also mentioned that they were alarmed that the meat was being treated in this way as they have strict rules in place when it comes to disposing food.

  • Another Reason to Be Vegan! 

When I hear of stories such as this one, all I can think of is yet another reason why I am grateful not to eat meat. Often, scandals of this kind involve meat and there have been many recent meat-related scandals, such as that of horsemeat finding its way into food, as well as a quarter of food at McDonald's in China being affected by a rotten meat scandal where employees allegedly changed the expiry dates on meat products. These scandals happen all over the world.

Although there’s never a guarantee on any food that we consume, by being vegan you do decrease your chances of falling prey to such scandals because:

  • By being vegan, you have a 95 percent less risk of getting food poisoning! This is because animal products such as dairy and meat are the main culprits. 
  • There is less fear associated with food. Yes, there have been worries over produce as well as meat products, but there’s no doubt that meat scandals make people want to switch over to vegan diets. 
  • You also have a clear conscience. You’re not only being healthier by knowing exactly what’s in your food and choosing organic produce, but you don’t have to have the burden on your shoulders that you are part of the dirty meat industry that is mistreating and killing animals.


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    This is pretty disgusting.
  2. Support
    Another reason to to veg indeed! Thanks Giulia!


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