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Anne Hathaway Isn't Vegan Anymore
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Anne Hathaway Isn't Vegan Anymore

Is Anne Hathaway the latest celebrity to slip back into a non-vegan lifestyle?

In recent years sparkling actress Anne Hathaway has been given many pats on the back for her vegan lifestyle choices. Some of the star’s openly vegan behaviors have included her accomplishment of a complete vegan wedding in 2012 that was a sumptuous affair and displayed only vegan food, as well as having custom-made vegan shoes for her role in the movie, Les Misérables.

But now Anne’s agent has stated that she is no longer following a vegan lifestyle.

The reason for the confession was that a sneaky source had informed Page Six that Anne had wanted a vegan cake in a movie she’s currently filming called The Intern. In a scene, Anne has to take a bite out of chocolate cake and it was rumoured that she refused, demanding that she be given a vegan cake instead as she would not eat the non-vegan variety. This resulted in a prop assistant having to quickly dash to a nearby bakery to retrieve two orders for a three-layer chocolate ganache cake in order to satisfy the actress’s firm demands.

This is what prompted Anne’s agent to declare that there was really no truth to the story as the star is no longer a vegan. However, this is in direct contrast to how Anne Hathaway has been following a vegan and gluten-free diet in the past. Some of her quotes have included claiming that white flour makes her ill and stating that meeting her soul mate as well as being at the Oscars was the cherry on top of a wonderful dish of vegan ice cream. When questioned about Anne's stance on gluten, however, the rep stated that she was unsure if Anne was avoiding gluten, but it could be probable.

Interestingly, Anne has not made any statements herself about her possible leap from veganism. We hope she hasn’t given it up!


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. nightsinge
    The headline doesn't fit the story. There's no news here, only speculation. Why not title the piece "Is Hathaway No Longer Vegan?" or "Speculation on Hathaway's Vegan Path"?


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