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Animals Who Have Changed My Life: Ms. Foreman
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Animals Who Have Changed My Life: Ms. Foreman

In the last couple of years I have been very involved with Farm Sanctuary. I have interned twice, visited several times and adopted my two beautiful pigs from them. Up until two years ago though, I had never even been there. 

The reason Farm Sanctuary has become such a big part of my life is because that first visit was so remarkable. The people there are amazing, of course, but what really made that experience so special was the connection I felt to the residents there. Before that I had never really gotten a chance to interact with farmed animals in that way and when I finally did, it was life-changing. 

The first animal I met there was Ms. Foreman. She was a beautiful, black and white cow with a wonderful, friendly personality. Many cows tend to be a bit nervous around humans, but not Ms. Foreman. She let our tour group walk right up to her, and didn't seem to mind as we all started petting and hugging her. I was afraid that so much attention would upset her, so I was gently and cautiously petting her head. Then she stepped forward and began rubbing her face against me. It may not sound like a life-changing event, but it was. I had never felt truly connected to a farmed animal before that and it helped to get me on the path I am on now.

That first visit was during the summer and by the time winter came around I had signed up for an internship. It was a little while into my internship before I saw Ms. Foreman again and, when I did, I couldn't believe it was her. When I had first met her, she had been in the "special needs herd" which is where they kept cows who were sick, injured or aging, but Ms. Foreman hadn't seemed "special needs" when I met her. By the time I saw here again, things had changed dramatically. Over those few months her health had degraded to the point where she could barely walk. 

Everyone at the farm loved Ms. Foreman and they tried everything they could to help her recuperate, but no matter what they did she kept losing weight and becoming weaker and weaker. About a month into my internship, she got to the point where she could no longer stand up and they decided that the only thing to do would be to have the vet come and euthanize her. When the vet arrived, we all went to say our goodbyes and, as heartbreaking as it was, we all stayed with her until the end.

The pain that I felt that day as I watched Ms. Foreman take her final breaths helped to solidify my commitment to this cause. As hard as it was to see her go, when I looked at the faces of everyone who was there, I could also see how much she had been loved. All animals deserved to be that loved and I wanted to do everything I could to help that happen.

Thank you Ms. Foreman. We love you and miss you.


* The photo is of the first time I met Ms. Foreman.  



Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. Akanksha
    Great blog Whitney..It really takes a great human to connect with animals! You have my vote.
    1. Whitney Metz
      Whitney Metz
      Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :)
  2. Veganara
    I loved this piece Whitney! I have always had a special affinity with animals too, and I agree completely with you that they all deserve to be treated with love and respect, just like humans do. Out of votes for now but I will come back later and vote.
    1. Whitney Metz
      Whitney Metz
      Thank you very much! I'm so glad to hear that I am not the only one!
  3. evalovesbend
    Great post! Voted. Check out my post Fourth of July Vegan Fruit Tart Flag and vote if you like it.
    1. Whitney Metz
      Whitney Metz
      Thank you! The fruit tart flag sounds great! I voted.
  4. violatat
    The Farm Sanctuary Animal Acres in Acton, CA is the reason my husband and I became vegans slightly less than a month ago (June 10th, to be precise). After seeing their animals and the loving care they lavish upon them, we decided to become vegan even before leaving there. A pig named Cynthia changed my mind about meat. I don't think I can even take a bite of meat now! Thanks for your story. You definitely got my vote.
    1. Whitney Metz
      Whitney Metz
      I'm so happy to hear that! I interned at the Acton shelter over the winter. It is an amazing place! I fell in love with so many of the animals there. I don't think I met Cynthia though. Is she new there? Thank you so much for reading and for your vote!
  5. pftsusan
    Voted.So sorry. It's so very hard to put animals down. I had to put my cat down June 13th of this year because he was dying. They let me visit and hold him before the burial. I have my daughter now, Miley (10 month old kitten). She's a blessing! However, I still think of him everyday, and I to pay forwards to Miley. The connection that we have towards our animals is strong. I call it family bonding. You now have Ms. Forman's love to pay forwards to other animals. That's so special. One day you will meet again at Rainbow Bridge.
  6. Tatterhood
    Thanks Whitney! I'm going up to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary on Tuesday and then to the one in Watkins Glen next week. I can't wait. I'm hoping to intern at one of them as well.


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