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6 Animal Products Banned Around the World
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6 Animal Products Banned Around the World

Americans might be eating these foods in their own territory, but beyond the US borders they are illegal - and rightly so! Here are six animal foods you might not realize have been banned elsewhere in the world, and why this is a good thing for veganism.

  • 1. Farmed Salmon

Since they’re usually fed a grain-based diet and antibiotics, farmed salmon acquire grey-colored flesh. To make them pink again, they are often given synthetic chemicals that have not been approved for human consumption. Scary stuff. These chemically-harmed salmon have been banned in New Zealand and Australia. Feeding animals chemicals is never a good thing, nor is trying to pull the wool over consumers' eyes.

  • 2. Dairy Containing Synthetic Hormones

Dairy products like milk and yogurt often contain growth hormones called rBGH that can be linked to cancer. There has been an increase in people buying organic dairy as well as dairy that is 'rBGH free' instead, but the hormone has been banned in various parts of the world, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Israel and the European Union. It is not allowed on dairy farms or in any dairy products in these regions. This ban should be adopted everywhere and hopefully it will make more people stop consuming dairy products. 

  • 3. Meat Containing Ractopamine

Ractopamine is an agent that increases protein synthesis and is given to almost half of US pigs and 30 per cent of ration-fed cattle. Scarily, some residue of this chemical is still found in meat when it reaches the destination of the supermarket. It is said to have harmful effects on the human cardiovascular system and could cause behavioural changes as well as chromosomal abnormalities. It has been banned in 160 countries in Europe, mainland China, Russia and Taiwan. 

  • 4. Haggis

Okay, so here's one that has been banned in the United States. Made of sheep heart, lungs and liver, haggis is a popular Scottish product. It has been prohibited in the United States because of a ban on sheep lungs used for commercialization. Although the importation of haggis has been banned for the last forty years, the UK government is trying to overturn it. Hmm, it’s not a delicacy if it’s an animal. Period. 

  • 5. American Chicken

Recently the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admitted that American chicken had arsenic in it. This toxin is usually added to chicken feed, even though it is a cancer-causing chemical. Chickens from the U.S. that have been fed arsenic to make their flesh look younger and pinker have been banned in the EU. 

  • 6. Pink Slime

Just the name probably made you cringe. Pink slime is a paste produced from meat scraps that have been soaked in ammonia to make them rosier in color. This pink slime finds its way into hot dog sausages and burger meat, but it has been banned from human consumption in the U.K. Recently, McDonald’s has come under attack for using pink slime as meat filler. 


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.

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