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Seriously? Animal Ingredients Found in Fake Meat Products
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Seriously? Animal Ingredients Found in Fake Meat Products

People have been getting really angry about the recent study that linked meat consumption to a greater risk of getting cancer. It has caused quite a few conflicting expert reports on the matter and now it’s targeting vegans, too. Basically, vegetarians and vegans are now having a bit of a rude awakening themselves when it comes to faux meat products. A study by food laboratory Clear Foods has found that many faux meat hot dogs are said to actually contain meat. The stats are pretty scary: 1 in 10 veggie hot dogs contained meat (chicken and pork).  Brace yourselves, vegans-- it gets worse. Many of these products were also found to have human DNA in them.

  • Delete Vegan 'Meat' From Your Diet 

It’s a good idea to stay away from fake meat products as much as possible. Although there are solid brands out there that promise quality ingredients, it’s not always easy to know exactly what is going on during the product manufacturing process. This is actually not the only reason vegetarians and vegans should refrain from eating faux meat. Such products are often heavily processed, containing sugar and wheat (not good for gluten-intolerant people), which gives them a high-calorie punch. If you’re craving the texture or taste of meat, there are other alternatives you can try.

  • Mix Protein Foods 

Since protein foods give you that full, satisfied feeling after a meal, it makes sense that you might be craving meat. Eat vegan protein, such as beans and lentils, and give them an extra satisfying punch by mixing them with rice or having them in a delicious wrap.

  • Get Natural with Flavors 

Foods that are artificially flavored are a no-no, so rather use natural spices and flavors to give your meals an extra satisfying element. Instead of relying on salt, which can lead to blood pressure problems, substitute with herbs and spices that add to the flavor of your meals.  

  • Make Your Own Veggie Patties! 

You don’t have to rely on store-bought patties. Make your own from vegetables. Here are some great recipes to try! You’ll enjoy a healthier alternative and know exactly what you’re eating.  

*Image courtesy stevecuk / Dollar Photo Club 

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  1. Support
    Whoa. Thanks for the post!
  2. Marvin Double
    Marvin Double
    This is distressing, but not surprising. When it comes to food production ethics and morals always take a back seat to profit. A few years ago some candies produced in Mexico were found to contain lead. This was added to make the candies heavier and so reduce the need to use more expensive food ingredients. Companies will stoop to such practices if there is a competitive advantage or a better profit margin. The article does not indicate how much meat was found in the products tested. I am curious only from a technical point of view. If the amounts were only detectable in microscopic amounts, this could be the result of cross contamination. Machinery used in the production of meat based products might be reused to produce vegan or vegetarian products. This would result then in some non-vegan material being transferred. If on the other hand, the volume of material found was more than just a trace, that suggests intentional deception on the part of the company. All the same, I agree with the idea that vegans are best to avoid faux meat products entirely. Then it's simply a non issue. if making your own is not an option then obviously you will want to very carefully investigate the products you buy very carefully.
  3. Mushroom
    I checked out the articles linked from science alert and it mentions only vegetarian products, not ones labeled vegan. Also, it had to do with sausage and hotdog products or faux meat vegetarian hotdog and sausage products. It does not mention vegan faux meat products. While I do advise people to be cautious of what they put in their bodies and always research, don't exaggerate what you find and mislead others without undeniable scientific proof that each and every vegan faux meat product contains animal ingredients. I myself don't eat faux meat products, baked goods or anything processed because it doesn't suit my taste. I prefer veggies, tofu, beans, rice and lentils.


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