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Animal-Friendly AND Sexy!
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Animal-Friendly AND Sexy!

While browsing for my next article idea, I was actually surprised to see that some people find it hard to purchase vegan underwear. They must surely mean fancy women's lingerie, or else they need to meet the guys at Fruit of the Loom, fast! However, for those women - guys, this one is for your lady friends and partners as gifts, perhaps? - that want the pretty in pink or lovely in lavender garments without silk or feathers, and/or prefer to wear green (perhaps literally) undergarments, I found a list of cute, quirky and daring intimates companies that advertise themselves with these two labels, to suit any taste, but perhaps not all wallets and purses... After all, organic cotton and sustainable material still have a long way to go before becoming mainstream. Still, it is nice to have even just one or two pieces that are made with the animals we love and cherish and their habitat in mind.

** Please note that the organic and green companies, at times, sell items that aren't vegan. Just make sure to read the types of materials they used to produce them thoroughly.

1- Purrfect Pineapples

Ladies, these garments are from a small Canadian designer that is currently so popular, she often has to tell customers that they must wait a month or two before placing any more orders! Their regular sizes are a bit limited but they do offer custom at an additional cost. However, I just wouldn't recommend them for busty women as their bras don't have much support. I do recommend (as I have a bit of a sexy kitty side to me) the underbust corsets. Love them! The actual underwear are pretty much all the boy-cut or low-waist types, so if you need them, they are very adorable as well. And they all look... dare I say.... tasty? This woman apparently likes to get some of her inspiration from food, since she's vegan, so the colours make the girls look like ice cream desserts. Gentlemen, enjoy the pictures.

2- Saumarez

This high-end lingerie company is a bit more on the soft side with a touch of kinky, and they cater to the greenies in all of us. Their ethical standards are elevated and ethics are of utmost importance to them. They don't offer much of a variety in their products, especially bras, so this is more of a company to turn to when you want that special item that wows your partner.

3- Sand Maiden Sleepwear

As the name suggests, this company specialises in night-time clothes, with a few types of bras and underwear! I especially love that their main fabrics are organic cotton and bamboo. They are the softest materials possible to make clothes with, especially bamboo! If you have never had the chance to wear a garment made from that unusual source, I highly recommend you give it a try! You won't regret it! Their style is mostly comfortable or very romantic, and they even have a line for brides and bridesmaids.

4- Hopeless

This small shop based in Australia also uses environmentally-friendly fabrics, such as bamboo, and everything is made by hand. They have quite a kinky side, offering, for example, underwear with a large opening over the tushy area, but not much variety, and I would say that this is not for your everyday lingerie. This is surely the place to shop to spice things up in the bedroom!

5- Under the Root

This is an eco-friendly company with a twist. Her products are inspired by 'fairy tales', as she says, and I would say that medieval times may have been a major inspiration as well. They are creative and colourful, and the pictures of her site were taken by a profesional photographer outside! Everything is sustainable because her material is reclaimed, recycled or vintage.

6- Brook There Lingerie

This is where to shop for everyday and comfortable lingerie. The style is cute yet simple, and the fabrics are organic cotton and sustainable materials such as bamboo, and everything is hand made. They have a good variety of bra sizes but still cater only to mostly mainstream and petite ladies: the cups go up to a C and the bandsizes are 28 to 38.

7- Urban Fox 

This company only sells underwear, tank tops and socks-and-garter-belt sets. They are a bit more romantic and sexy, but still within the comfortable range, if you like low-rise and boy-cut underwear. All the fabrics are sustainable and organic cotton, but they do use some silk, so read the descriptions before buying.

8- Enamore

This company has a much better variety of bra sizes to accomodate more women, and the support is better than other companies so far. The bras and underwear are very simple, with everything in either white or black, and they are all made of organic cotton and elastane, so no surprises on the vegan side. Also, there prices are a bit more affordable.

9- Between the Sheets

This is a company that caters to the romantic crowd. Quite a few of their products use mainstream materials, but I haven't seen anything non-vegan, and some items are made of bamboo. The bras, however, are all meant for those with barely nothing (called 'bralettes'), so not for those with a bit of a strong chest or anyone needing some support. However, the camis and babydolls are to die for. Very pretty.

10-!{}">Stella McCartney  

Instead of telling you myself about this designer, I am copying an email I sent to the customer service mailbox and their answer. Note that they don't only produce lingerie, so this is a plus. And, well, of course Paul McCartney's daughter would only make fur and leather-free and cruelty-free clothes, right? It's the least we expect! Oh, and Veganara - you now get to know my full name! Here is the message:


I would just like to know what percentage of and which items are organic. I noticed that the beauty and cosmetics are organic and vegan, but are the shoes and clothes eco-friendly or organic as well? And is 100% of the line vegan?


Annie Carbonneau


Dear Annie, Thank you for your enquiry. Stella McCartney is a life long vegetarian and Animal Rights supporter so it is a topic very close to her heart. We are pleased to confirm that no leather or fur is used in any of her designs, every garment and accessory is cruelty free; no animals have died to make anything.

A key concept of Stella McCartney’s design is that using alternative fabrics is unique in the fashion industry. Stella McCartney’s innovative materials are true luxury. The bags for example are produced in special factories for non leather production in Italy where they use specialised production techniques and 70% of work is by hand.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

Best Wishes,

Stella McCartney

Customer Service



11- Nyika

This shop owner uses a 'hemp silk' instead of traditional silk in her products, so they are entirely vegan. Her other items are organic cotton and look very comfortable, yet have a very adorable and/or sexy look to them. The selection is reasonable and she caters to a decent variety of sizes. And the bootleg pants look cute!

12- Felina

Although their products are not organic per se, they ensure their materials have a minimal impact on the environment and they donate to the Argentinian World Land Trust's "One meter of fabric for one meter of forest" initiative for every purchase of their Papillon collection (papillon means butterfly in French, so very appropriate).

13- Blue Canoe

It's your run-of-the-mill line of underwear in bamboo and organic cotton, with pretty colours and comfort included! They also have a full line of clothing in the same materials, so enjoy doing your shopping!

14- Mary Green

Even though silk is used, it's the leftovers that others are about to throw out, which is why I added her site here. Mary Green uses the unwanted scraps to create her pieces. Check them out, they're adorable! I especially love her home page picture and comment. Oh, and she has a men's section, too. Hot.

15- Devil May Wear

This very creative Vancouver-based designer makes everything, from clothes to accessories to lingerie, in organic cotton, bamboo, soy and any other sustainable fabric out there. Never had soy clothes? They're very comfortable.

16- Jonano

Surprinsingly well-priced for the products you get, this line is made from materials like vicose, which comes from organic bamboo, and corn-based materials. They are regular types of underwear along with other items - they cater to a full line of clothing as well - that are pretty and comfortable.

17- Clare Bare

This daring and creative line is sexy and organic! She makes bodysuits and tops that you could use both as underwear or outerwear, and some of her garments are made of velour. They are pretty and sexy at once.

18- Eko-lab

This is an interesting company. Their clothes look more like runway style than street style, but their underwear is adorable. Click on the "SS2010" collection and flip through the pictures. They have organic cotton underwear and knitted cotton organic undies! So cute!

19- Peau éthique

This is the site for women looking for French-style lingerie with an eco-twist. Most are made from organic cotton. They have a line made of silk, but since they also have the organic line, I put them up here. The lingerie is both classy and sassy, and the bras have a good variety of sizes. Just note that they follow a different sizing system, so a converter is necessary to verify what you would be wearing in their chart. To top it off, for French-quality products, I find the prices reasonable. The site is entirely in French, but if you want me to translate a few things, don't be afraid to ask me!

20- Circe's Knickerland

Although I can't find the line of underwear (or anything else, for that matter) on their blog, ask them to show you pics. I found this one in a webpage that gave details to some of the companies I described here, and what they do is gather the remaining, less-than-a-meter bit of material that fabric stores generally throw out. The result? Adorable colour combinations and styles!


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  1. SnakeWitch
    I can't get the Stella McCartney link to work right. Oh well. You all know how to click on an URL, I'm sure!
  2. Katapoet
    Annie, I believe you have covered just about everything I could want. Thanks for posting this! Voted.
    1. SnakeWitch
      You're welcome!
  3. Carolyn
    Vote #3! I would not have guessed that you were an Annie! Thanks for the research and information! I know that I can look to you to write unique articles.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Glad to hear that! I make a point of researching different topics to keep readers interested and am happy that it works!
  4. Veganara
    Well, hello and nice to meet you, Annie Carbonneau! I was thrilled to see my name (albeit my pen-name!) mentioned in this blog! Where does your pen-name, SnakeWitch, come from? Great information, and extensively researched, as usual, voted. BAMBOO underwear though?? Ouch!! (Unless it is just in the underwiring of bras! ) Actually, I have heard of disposable paper underwear, never tried it though. It doesn't sound very eco, does it? Unless it is made of recycled paper.
    1. Akanksha
      Me too! Glad to know your real name Annie! Even I would like to know where SnakeWitch comes from.
    2. SnakeWitch
      Actually, quite the contrary - bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, the softest I've ever owned. I've never owned bamboo underwear, just t-shirts (my undies are organic cotton) and I just fell in love with it. Trust me, you won't regret trying it. SnakeWitch is actually a mix of two things. My Chinese astrology sign is the snake, and I am a a follower of the pagan religion Wicca - thus I am a Witch. This is why I chose this as my pen name. And, ummm.... paper underwear? I'm just trying to think of when disposable underwear would be necessary and can't think of anthing.
  5. Akanksha
    Wow...I truly appreciate the research you are doing in this field. Keep up the good work! Thanks from me and from the world I love :)
    1. SnakeWitch
      You're welcome!
  6. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    What a fun post! Voted :)
  7. Diane
    Lots of info! Great! I voted!
  8. Giulia Simolo
    Giulia Simolo
    Great brands! Love vegan lingerie lines.


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