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Americans Get a Piece of Australian Cheese
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Americans Get a Piece of Australian Cheese

Vegans are known to think outside of the box. Since their diet is limited to certain food groups they have to be creative and innovative in their meals. Eateries are also following the trend and coming up with new options that cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarian customers. One such place that recently opened up is Vtopian Artisan Cheeses in Portland, Oregon. Founded by an American husband-Australian wife duo, the eatery offers handmade, dairy free, and vegan cheese delicacies. Read on to find out how to get a piece of the yummy delight.

Imber Lingard, who hailed from Australia to meet her would-be husband Mark Jordan in America, was always frustrated at the lack of dairy options for vegan individuals. Being a long time vegetarian, she tried out many recipes to satisfy her love for food.  After thorough research, she started creating her own line of cheese for the restaurant she worked at.

Upon seeing the popular demand for vegan cheese, the couple opened up their own shop in Portland. Although vegan cheese is available in the market, they are usually filled with crude oils and only physically resemble the cheese made from actual dairy products, but not the taste. However, the husband-wife team believes that vegan cheese should not only look like real cheese but also taste like it as well.

Vtopian Artisan Cheese offers 30 different types of cheese which they ship to over 40 stores in the USA and Canada. You can get a piece of artisan cheese at Whole Foods Market around America, too. The American-Australian duo experiment a lot to get the ingredients in their cheese just right. Unlike others in the market, they actually age their cheese by keeping it isolated in the fridge.

Vtopian Cheese products are cashew-based and enriched with probiotics, vegan yogurt, and sauerkraut which give them the unique taste and tang. Apart from being the second, only-vegan cheese shop in the country, Vtopian Artisan Cheese is also in union with an all-day vegan restaurant. Some favorite items from their menu include Mac n’ cheese, roasted tomatoes, cheese cakes, Panini, brie and lots more – all complete with cheese from Vtopian Artisan Cheese.

The residents of Portland enjoy eating at the Vtopian Artisan Cheese Shop and diner. Surprisingly, 80% of the consumers that come in the shop are non-vegetarian or lactose-intolerant. “Although, the shop is vegan – the consumers are usually not”, says Imber Lingard.

For the vegetarians who are on the lookout for an excellent assortment of cheese for their vegan (or non-vegan) platter, you should definitely try cheese made by the American-Australian combo. And of course, you don’t have to travel all the way to Portland to get your hands (and mouth) on the yummy piece of cheese. Vtopian Cheese is available at various outlets. Just click here for a complete listing of retailers that keep it fresh and easily accessible for the cheese lovers.

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