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All animals have the right to live
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All animals have the right to live

I came across a young man about a year ago and we started chatting....he had come to me to alter a few items of clothng for him because he had lost some weight...I asked him how he lost that weight.

He said that he had always toyed with the idea of being a vegetarian...but never took the plunge really...Then one day he saw something on the internet about the dog meat trade in Asia...he was appalled! He said that he looked at his dog and thought..."I would never eat my dog...What is the differance?..Why is a dog not edible but a cow, or chicken, or any farm animal acceptable?"

From that moment on he became a full Vegan...he reserched the Dairy Industry ..and saw for him self the horrors of the cruelty involved with the all aspects of the Industry ....he never went back...

I admire him greatly..He also vowed to teach and talk to anyone who would listen about his transformation..I also am that way...I will talk to anyone who asks ..."why are you a Vegan?"

Spreading the word..talking about it..showing and teaching anyone who will listen... that is my goal....Knowledge is power as they say....I tell people..."I can't stop the horrors and cruelty of the Industry that systematically breeds and slaughters animals for food or fur..or even sport..But I refuse to participate in it or perpetuate it".

Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. Veganara
    Well said Alexandra, I have voted! Don't forget to vote for yourself, btw. I think we can do something about the cruel exploiitation of animals, just by being vegan: we are then leading by example and influencing other people. You might be interested in my latest post Odd One Out, which touches on a similar theme; if you like it, please vote.
    1. alexandra bezerra
      Thank you Veganara!..
    2. alexandra bezerra
      Thank you Veganara!..
  2. evalovesbend
    Great post! Voted. Check out my post Peach Granita with Mint and vote if you like it :)
    1. alexandra bezerra
      TY!...will check it out!


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