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Add A LIttle Java to Your Plants
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Add A LIttle Java to Your Plants

Wait! Don't toss those coffee grounds after the aromatic brew has done its work by energizing your system, why not put the grounds to work, well, in the ground?

Coffee grounds are a rich source of nutrients for plants, since they contain magnesium, nitrogen and calcium, three of the main building blocks for plant health.  Coffee grounds also have great nitrogen balancing abilities, which, if spread on a compost pile, helps your yard scraps transform more quickly into an organic gardener's goal: Black Gold--that rich, loamy, incredibly vibrant loam that helps to produce amazing organic veggies and flowers.

Coffee grounds can also be spread beneath blueberry and raspberry bushes, tomato, squash, pepper and other large plants, or flowering bushes as a source of nutrients. An added bonus is that earthworms absolutely love coffee grounds.  Which shows, at least to me, that worms aren't as dumb as I thought, since they appreciate a good cup of java as much as I do.

Naturally decaffienated coffee grounds are fine, as are regular caffienated grounds (organic, fair trade, of course!), but avoid using coffee grounds with artificial flavors--you don't use those anyway, right? 

If you don't drink enough coffee to provide enough coffee grounds for your organic gardening needs, check with local coffee shops and stands and see if they will save aside some grounds for you. Panera Bread restaurants have special dates where they offer coffee grounds to the public. If you have a favorite local coffee stand, you could make an arrangement to pick up their used grounds.  

If you place coffee grounds under bushes and plants, mix them into the soil to help the fertilization process.  

So, now you have one more reason for an extra cup of java!

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  1. BuddhasDelight
    yeah! i love organic gardening, thank you for the timely post! just planted first tomatoes and mint. yum! now, to make some coffee... :) voted!
    1. slverkriss
      I can't wait to get my tomatoes in! It's still too cold here to do that. But I'm planning. I hope your tomatoes do well!


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