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ABC's of a Healthier Lifestyle
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ABC's of a Healthier Lifestyle

Regrettably, for whatever illogical reasons people do it, it's commonplace for people to retain bad habits and routines. Even if that lifestyle is harmful it is nonetheless sustained in order to avoid uncomfortable changes. The ABC's of healthy living discussed in this article provide extremely simple motivational tools that are so easy there is no reason not to adhere to them. Slow progress is better than no progress and easy does it provides the motivation to accept change. A is for action, B is for body, and C is for clarity. Easy to remember simple concepts that can have big impacts are needed for many to find a healthier lifestyle.

Coming to terms with your need to live a healthier lifestyle is a challenge. People tend to do things routinely to stay in a comfort zone. The problem is, too little comfort may be the issue. Why? Bad habits are deceptive and misleading. Bad habits are accompanied by justifications that support a current lifestyle. Bad habits, in fact, do not promote comfort. Instead, they create guilt, anguish, and poor health. All of which are very uncomfortable zones.

Only when a person grows weary of their current inappropriate habits or becomes too ill and depressed to accept their own justifications any longer will they begin to pursue actions that promote healthier living. The `Reality Break' forced upon individuals comes with the awareness that change is less painful than their current situation.

Realistically, change does not have to be hard. It can be done in stages so there is less shock to the system which makes change easier to accept and to maintain. Slow progress is better than no progress and it allows the mind and body to acclimate to a healthier climate.

These simple ABC's of healthy living may help you keep the plan in your head throughout the day. Identify your biggest hurdles from the concepts below and then stay mindful of the ABC's as your reminder that justifications are not working for you. Counter those habitual thoughts with new goal oriented ones. These should be simple yet productive steps you've chosen in order to begin moving in more healthy directions.

A is for Action B is for Body C is for Clarity

  •  Action includes getting more exercise every day. Simply moving more, sitting less.
  •  Body includes loving your body and not putting anything in it you would not give a baby.
  •  Clarity means knowing what is important to you and always moving toward that.

Action is simple. Find something, anything you enjoy doing and do it instead of watching TV or sitting for long periods of time. Double the action is when you get that exercise doing some project you have been neglecting. Now you have double the accomplishment and double the dose of better self-esteem.

Body is all-inclusive with regard to your holistic body. Eat better food, drink fewer harmful beverages and drink more water. Here is a simple rule that takes away all the guesswork. Before consuming anything, ask yourself, "Is this fit for the pure body of a baby?" If the answer is no, it is not fit for your body either.

Clarity is comprehensive, but begin small by clarifying your life goals, what is important to you, and identifying what stands in the way of your success. Write it down in a brief outline so you can review it regularly. Put it where you will see it every day. When it is clear that you will not attain your goals utilizing current patterns, then you can commit to change. Remember to keep it simple and keep doing it.

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    Sometimes being healthy seems like a science! You have summed it up perfectly. Thanks for sharing, Maggie.


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