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A short introduction to Indian Cuisine
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A short introduction to Indian Cuisine

India is definitely one place where you will find uncountable vegetarian and a lot of vegan dishes. Most people from different parts of the world do not know that the culture changes with every state in India. The food habits change with the mixture of soil types, climate and occupation and dishes are prepared according to the availability of spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits in particular region.

Rajsthan food is one of my favories. It does not include fresh veggies mainly because these people need to store the food due to very little agricultural land in the state. They prepare lovely dishes using lentils and grains. Daal-baati and gatta curry are my favories amoungst those.

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, sea-food is the main cuisine apart from few fruits. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, it is a good idea to carry some food with you when you go visiting this region. There is little agriculture and most food is imported from other states.

Andhra Pradesh offers a mixture of Telgu cuisine and Hyderabad cuisine. Hyderabad is famous for biryani (rice cooked with veggies) and a huge variety of pickles. Vegan alert: They add yogurt to almost every dish or keep it at the side.

Indian recipes can be a little harder to cook but the effort is worth it. There is a bigger variety of Indian curries that one can imagine. Chapatti, naan and paratha are that breads that are served with curries. Maharashtra is famous for its unique style of pread called pav which goes with almost everything you can possibly eat.

Coming to snacks, the best snack that goes with tea is samosa, a triangular deep fried patty filled with mixture of potato, vegetable or lentils etc. There are numerous others and I think I will need an entire post to describe each. For desserts of course we have Kristo's favorite gulaab jamuns, and gajar halwa (sweetened grated carrots).

Well, these are just names, I promise to share the vegan recipes pretty soon. Do vote and comment on this post if you like it. You can also follow me to get updates every time I post.

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  1. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    Dal-Bati's my favorite too.....I also like South-Indi food...can't resist the flavors of purity...ummm...n yeaaa anytime snack, I can gorge on......n then there's Gujarati 'Khandvi'........I also love Assamese 'JolPan'! India presents a colorful variety of flavors that are sooooo original and pure! Delicious look at me, voting for ya! :)
  2. SnakeWitch
    I adore Indian food, too, but like you say, it's probably just one region's food. I like the different curries - especially the green and red ones. I adore samosas, papadom and pakoras. I found a vegan version of palaak paneer that I adore, but not one of the butter chicken, which is another dish I miss. Chutneys go with anything for me, and I miss Naan bread because it has milk. voted even before I started reading!!! I knew this would make me drool a bit... and read my new post, too: Building Bridges.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Oh, and of course, I forgot about dal. Another yummy thing to eat.
      1. Shabs Online
        Shabs Online
        I'm glad to read about samosas, pakoras, paalak paneer, chutneys....from you! Looks like you know Indian food quite well! wow! Well I'll be posting some nice Indi-vegan recipes for pplz like u, very soon! :)
        1. SnakeWitch
          Go for it. I've grown up eating this because my mom is crazy about lebanse and indian food (and arab in general - egyptian, moroccan, etc), too. I don't know why; I never asked her. But it's a passion we share. And, since there are so many vegan dishes available already without having to adapt, it's easy to just go to any restaurant without worrying. I also adore thai and japanese. They always have vegan food available as well because they use a lot of tofu and vegetables.
  3. kristo
    voted! But what about the gulab jamun and burfies!!!! Great post! That dosa in your photo is making me hungry. Andaman is beautiful.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Those are dishes I'm not familiar with! I would love the recipe for those! By the way, Kristo, did you forget my last blog? ;) Please come check it out! Maybe you voted without posting a comment.
  4. Veganara
    Voted. A blog to make your mouth water - I also love Indian food. I hope to visit there some time, so thanks for these tips. Hope to see your samosa recipe soon, you said a while back that you would share that! You might like my latest recipe, Super Sizzling Stir Fry, please check it out! :-)
  5. pftsusan


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